Del corral a la red

Del corral a la red


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Del corral a la red torrent reviews

Brian H (nl) wrote: 3 wests out of 5 wests.

Sanjoy P (au) wrote: Nice low rent movie. Did. It know too much about the history of this so was a good watch.

Dennis R (it) wrote: Amazing indie film that'll most likely get over-looked this year. Dealt with the issues of extreme social awkwardness and loneliness very well whilst also being very well shot and acted. Soundtrack kicked ass too (Broken Social Scene *and* Grizzly Bear? Fuck yeah!).

Carlos M (au) wrote: Clint still seems obsessed with the mortality issue, but it is clear that he doesn't know what he is doing with this esoteric babble that lacks focus and purpose, presenting three poorly-written stories combined without any fluidness and leading to a corny ending that is simply lamentable.

David L (nl) wrote: Captain America: The First Avenger is very well made with a different and interesting time period for Marvel, solid characters, some very good lines, a solid villain and the first half is very entertaining, but the second half is boring and the film is ultimately a forgettable MCU entry owing to its typical origin story and very uninspired action sequences.

Kevin E (kr) wrote: Real Bad, I mean Real Bad, for one thing it doesn't look like a Hollywood film, so basically real bad, Only Tony Todd gave the best performance

Michael S (br) wrote: Exponentially increases the crassness of the first film, but has none of its humor or its charm.

Tsubaki S (nl) wrote: Dialogue-driven film done right. Good casting and solid performances from everyone. Having Cecilia Roth topless didn't hurt at all.

Sarah C (au) wrote: I saw this at the Phoenix Picture House in Oxford when it first came out, and remember enjoying it at the time. Second time round ... and hell, it's disturbing. It's also not that great a movie - all a bit contrived and, dare I say, amateurish. There's nothing in the script or direction that makes the darkness of the subject matter in any way comic. Could possibly have been a three-star movie but it gets a star deduction for failing to live up to my remembrances.

Gonca F (fr) wrote: Hayatimin masali... Uc kiz olarak 100 kere daha izleriz daha di mi ablalarim... en guzel kul kedisi verisyonu:)))))))