Jurre (15) misses his father Tom. Since Tom has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Because of this condition his dad slowly starts to forget things. Almost as if pieces of his memory are ...

Jurre (15) misses his father Tom. Since Tom has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Because of this condition his dad slowly starts to forget things. Almost as if pieces of his memory are ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Janoy F (nl) wrote: Enjoyable but lost it's appeal in the final act

Jared Y (kr) wrote: I've seen few British films lately and this is the best one so far.. simple, true and well paced one.

Jenn J (ru) wrote: Not the best end of the world movie ever made, but it did have its good points. Such as a few cameo stars in the cast, but mostly undiscovered tatlent. Plus, the "bad" guy turns out to be not so bad in the end!

Risa C (gb) wrote: great sequel to the movie christmas shoes. this was even better than the first one. it was also really sad. i think that in the story they should have found organs for both charlie and meghan. charlie was way to young to have died.

emily h (nl) wrote: pretty lame i thought it was the bird but i guess i was wrong

Steve W (gb) wrote: Bedrooms still play an important part in Todd Field universe but this time there is an outing, intellectual and emotional, that overwhelms in the apparent patina of familiarity. "Little Children" sizzles with an uncomfortable sense of impending doom. Kate Winslet, through her later day Madame Bovary, gives us a character that is recognisable and never seen before at the same time. Powerfully honest to the point of self destruction and yet, her feelings seem so clear and pure, so innocent. Kate Winslet in a superlative performance, invites us to believe that a human being can inhabit that contradiction without seem absurd. Patrick Wilson's courage without brains or vice versa is an uncomfortable pleasure to watch. Jennifer Connelly has one of the most chilling domestic moments I've seen in a long time: a moment of realisation at a dinner table. Contradictions, perhaps, are at the centre of this wonderfully conceived universe, Weary of domestic bliss. compassion for a child molester. Jack Earle Haley's psycho is not played for sympathy - he is a horrible character. He and his mother, the great Phyllis Somerville - are a realistic version of a Hitchcockian coupling. Adult entertainment, yes entertainment too, of the first order.

Allan C (nl) wrote: I've always thought this was an underrated genre mashup. Director/Co-writer David Twohy, with the exception of the overblown "The Chronicles of Riddick," has a track record of writing and/or directing some smart, exciting films ("Pitch Black," "The Arrival," "The Fugitive," "A Perfect Getaway," and I'd even include "Terminal Velocity"). This film was also co-written by Darren ("Requiem for a Dream," "Black Swan") Aronofsky and is an interesting mix of WWII submarine films and ghost stories. The film works great simply as a tale of WWII intrigue and suspense, but adding elements of ghost and hauntings brought something new and interesting to a pretty well worn formula. And in terms of telling a ghost story, the film thankfully goes to route of "The Haunting" or "The Innocents" and leaves it open as to whether something supernatural is going on or if characters are simply getting scared and paranoid, imagining ghostly activities. Another reason I think I'm partial to this film is Bruce Greenwood as the ship's commanding officer, who I've always liked and felt should be in a lot more films. Olivia Williams is also good. However, it's not a perfect film and and does have it's flaws, the main one for me being Twohy's decision to do one too many cheap scares instead of relying on the suspense and atmosphere that he'd so nicely built. I'd also say the rest of the cast is merely adequate. It's not a perfect film, but it's a clever supernatural thriller.

Cody L (mx) wrote: Not as fun as the first, and the twist was pretty lame. But overall I liked this sequel. Julie was much more likeable as the lead in this one.

Faley A (mx) wrote: Fantastically fanatic , gore ..violent, raw. sexy , comic and good... loved this movie ..brilliant !

David M (jp) wrote: This has been referred to as the "90's version of Animal House". i don't think i can entirely agree with that. I first stumbled upon this movie by pure luck, and i still feel the urge to give it a watch every couple months. Strong Plot, Strong Actors, Strong Ending, and a Vandals music video! what else could you ask for??

Luc L (jp) wrote: A "wanna be" movie of Star Wars and it didn't work out.

Dave J (fr) wrote: Monday, May 12, 2014 (1959) Le Beau Serge/ Handsome Serge (In French with English subtitles) DRAMA First film from veteran filmmaker Claude Chabrol who was along with Francois Truffaut and Jean Luc Godard part of the 'French New Wave'. Much more resonating than Chabrol's other film "Les Cousins" made during the same year. This is the first of two movies he made during that particular year he reused two of the same actors of Grard Blain and Jean-Claude Brialy for two different movies. Written and directed by Claude Chabrol starring Jean-Claude Brialy as Franois Baillou, who's just returning back to the little village he grew up in from his studies. And finds that, even though the village itself hadn't changed much during his long absence, but that many of it's local residents had, particularly his best friend, Serge( Grard Blain), consistently on a drinking binge, living with his girlfriend who's expecting their first child. The one scene I was incapable to understand are the relationship between the drunken father Glomaud (Edmond Beauchamp), and the daughter, Maria (Bernadette Lafont) scene, which reagrds to the reaction from Franois which that one scene can be defined as totally outdated. This entire theme should be something viewers should able to identify with because it often questions viewers how things can change after a long absence, and I do know a great amount of people can either change for the worst or for the better. But because of social media, sometimes it almost seems like they're still here living with them. 3 out of 4 stars

Orlok W (ru) wrote: Delightful Detective Daffiness--A Very Private Eye!!

Felipe P (ru) wrote: Acredito que meu problema com esse filme o fato de que eu esperava demais de algo protagonizado pelo Colin Firth e a Emily Blunt. No geral o filme no ruim, s no nada de especial. A histria parece que foi recortada de um contexto maior, ficando assim sem informaes anteriores ou sequer um futuro.

Emmanuel S (de) wrote: This Jet Li movie is not 'The One', when there are so many better choices you could make.

Alexander G (gb) wrote: They both could have fucking lived

Dennis M (au) wrote: go eddie go! i wanted an eddie alan alda scene, but, you can't have everything. its not a super complex drama. its a very pleasant caper with liberal relish. i want a tower heist two! alan's character is now richer than ever, and donating hundreds of millions to hillary; the characters meet again by chance at a bernie sanders volunteer meeting, and decide to infiltrate hillaries and scott walkers campaign in order to expose coordination between their super pacs and the candidate. how did alan get out of jail? presidential pardon, rumored to have come about because of some dirty secrets he threatened to reveal.