Delete My Love

Delete My Love

So Boring, a nobody who has no love from everyone except from childhood sweetheart Bobo, receives a weird text message one day, saying: Ever thought of deleting those you dislike?

A young man named So Boring gains the ability to delete people in his life and substitute them with nice people. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Delete My Love torrent reviews

Sylvester E (ag) wrote: This film is worth adding to your collection.

WS W (kr) wrote: All I can say is, it's really Italiano.

Egert V (gb) wrote: a must see if you are 16. text is definitely better than in the fast five and the cliche meter is only at 50%. yes, it has entertainment value. the film did impress with one thing: i think i heard at least five languages spoken, including albanian and burmese.

Bill T (it) wrote: Fairly dopey retelling of the Boston Strangler story, with David Faustino (yes, Bud from Married With Children) as Albert De Salvo. Faustino joins a lot of bad acting thesbians from the Bad Accents School of acting as they chew through the script. If you want the best Di Salvo story (even though it's not the most accurate) stick with the Tony Curtis version.

richard s (gb) wrote: Poor B movie type, old tired storyline and poor acting.

Alexis A (nl) wrote: more snuff...? well...i shouldn't really...nah probably not

F B (mx) wrote: Very enjoyable film, easy to follow and understand and a good story with logical ending.

Kim M (it) wrote: Dog owners looking for love. Uneventful and pointless. Uninteresting characters and storyline.

Nelson B (kr) wrote: opppppppps!!!!!!!!! cooooooooool but em ........ naughtie at d end

Michael H (es) wrote: An all star female cast blends together to create a very risky bank heist story, and cultivate quite the experience of their lives in this entertaining drama.Four women who get their buttons pushed to the limits decide to change and dedicate their lives to bank robbing, all is great at first, but eventually, things start to turn for the worst, slowly, but surely!All these lovely ladies create a really great drama, and from start to finish, the film delivers a friends to the end feeling! Four stars!

Augustine H (nl) wrote: Jean Renoir's masterpiece of human caricature. Under the acclaimed overwhelming long takes and the party guests of different backgrounds lie the irreparable hypocritical human nature. What can the wise men do even if they are aware of that besides conformity, under the precedence of survival? Are we really courageous enough to tear the mask worn by everybody off?

Pera K (de) wrote: Charming like all Capra's movie, but also too naive

Irene S (ca) wrote: I am dance movie freak, so as long as it has amazing dancers and great music, I am all in. and this one from the series does not disappoint. its a continuous of the last one which was filming in Miami. and granted you, the storyline is a bit overdone. but who cares, the base is still the dancing, and The Mousse is back !!!!