A soap opera writer gets hit on the head and wakes up as a character in his own show.

The film concentrates on a a soap-opera scriptwriter (John Candy) gets accident which makes him wake in magic city where his soap set. How he do with his dreaming? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Delirious torrent reviews

Juliano K (br) wrote: unexplicably so much me and not me altogether! love it! quite weird!

(au) wrote: It looks cheap at first but we eventually get used to its low quality CG graphics, poor acting and other flaws. It looks good enough though with its bright colors : made me think of The Zero Theorem but set in a future mexico as seen in Elysium. It's definitively a low budget sci-fi flick but its message touched me. Its about the flows and technology. How this powerful tool can build walls but also destroy them, separate people or connect them.

bekky k (mx) wrote: this was such a great movie!

Michael K (it) wrote: i expected it too get much deeper into story and world issues, and be less about the action and special effects, which is all they seemed to be about. it wasn't bad; but it wasn't good.

mike h (gb) wrote: its eddie, seriously there is no god, if there was he would kill all you religious people and all you critics,

Titu M (au) wrote: its a special movie for me cuz it reminds my past what has happened at dhaka in1998.

Alfan77 A (ca) wrote: when night is falling

susan p (jp) wrote: Another damn good movie to watch

Andrew B (au) wrote: It really shows that this was prior to Miyazaki having his own studio or enough recognition to get proper funding. The animation is great but lacks the depth that would make his later movies so phenomenal. There's also a heavy reliance on expositional dialogue, which isn't exactly uncommon in anime but seems bizarre in a "Ghibli" film and I'm sure can be attributed to not having the budget to show everything they wanted to. Budgetary limitations aside though it still has the charm that Miyazaki is known for. Great characters that break stereotypes, imaginative fantasy designs for the monsters and locations, and an underlying good heartedness that overcomes the naivety/simplicity of some of the plot points. Definitely worth watching as an important part of Ghibli/Miyazaki history, as well as of the history of animation in general.

Richard S (us) wrote: Excellent movie with Cicely Tyson and Paul Winfield.

Dave J (ca) wrote: Wednesday, March 2, 2011 (1967) She Freak DRAMA/ HORROR Doesn't consist much of a plot, but much of the film consists of major carnival set ups with cool old slow Jazz score either from the "Modern Jazz Quartet" or "Dave Brubeck"- take your pick, even when no actual real music artist or group's been credited except some 'nobody' in charge of providing the music, I guess because the budget was so low, they couldn't afford to pay any royalties to anyone else except their own! Anyways, don't let the title of this film fool you for according to some areas, it's labelled as a 'horror film' but in my opinion, it's quite the opposite! Well made as a 30 minute stint, for the real story actually occurs near the beginning of this picture after showcasing much of the carnival, turning to the 'freak show' tent area showcasing peoples faces of total shock and horror( and a crappy job they did as well) after seeing something without showing the audience what it is. Motivating viewers to be curious why that is, showcasing the rest of the film why and how this particular person became a 'she freak' hince the title! And what's interesting is that it attempts to look like a bad dream, but with the low budget look and the the bad acting and unendless barrage of carnival settings, it may just as well be, as a real snoozefest just to listen to the cool jazz score! People who're aware of director Quentin Tarantino should be able to know, these small low budget exploitation films are more suited to entertain people such as him, but to any other movie goers, it's quite forgettable! 2 out of 4

Andrew T (gb) wrote: Normally, adding acting royalty to a movie increases the quality. This film shows the infrequent, but real flipside to this concept. If you are an incredible, accomplished actor and you cruise control through a movie, your failure to deliver sinks the movie more than a keenan and kel cameo in citizen kane. Josh's acting chops haven't evolved since vegas, and everyone behind the camera should have known better.Awkward script, 1 dimensional female characters, and substandard from michael corleone and hannibal lector. Shame.

Leslie D (it) wrote: A group of ex-cops with a "Death Wish" clean up New York from criminal filth. Gritty and brutal action and Fred Williamson kicking ass. Good times.