Delirious Saturdays

Delirious Saturdays

A Brazilian variation of the film "Thank God, It's Friday": Several lives intertwine at Rio de Janeiro's most famous nightclub of the time, New York City Disco.

A Brazilian variation of the film "Thank God, It's Friday": Several lives intertwine at Rio de Janeiro's most famous nightclub of the time, New York City Disco. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Corey V (au) wrote: One of the funniest movies I've ever seen!

Jason G (kr) wrote: Straightforward and without as much of an agenda as other documentaries in the same vein. A sequel might be just as enlightening, explaining the circumstances behind how Ken Lay's assets were transferred to his family before the government could seize them, and perhaps describing how Jeff Skilling has been able to use his ill-begotten wealth to buy ten years off of his prison sentence (he pursued enough legal action that the government decided it was costing too much in opposition, and cut a deal).

Sheila C (kr) wrote: Old fashioned tear-jerker, moving story of friendship and growing old

Joseph W (fr) wrote: I've seen this movie countless times & it never gets old! Such an amazing story told beautifully well through a greatly done film! Not to mention an outstanding performance from Denzel Washington!

Jesse F (jp) wrote: Dumb holiday entertainment like it's predecessor.

Zach M (jp) wrote: I don't really know how to review this movie because it is so very strange, random, bizarre and yet is still a very basic story about killer No.3 wanting to become No.1.It flows very abstract like the jazz music that is played throughout the entire movie.It was still a very cool movie once you know what is going on.The music is excellent and it was crazy that there was nudity(and a lot of it) for a movie from 1967.It is definetly a movie you need to see to get. Watch it for a crazy watch.

Will R (mx) wrote: I'd say this is heavily underrated. It's got some deliciously melodramatic moments but for the most part it maintains its mission: to deliver a spy thriller/WWII action film. Quayle makes an excellent although underwritten S.S. security officer and Peppard is the Jerry Lewis-esque American spy who runs the show. If you know anything about the V-2 or V-1 rocket programs, you'll enjoy it just for that. The only flaw is a lot of these guys are underwritten, which takes away from the film at moments but with other characters written beautifully (Bradley and the British muckymucks) it keeps you entertained and watching.

Daniel B (gb) wrote: A Great Jem, fantastic from the stunning start to the dframatic and wonderfil middle and wow what an ending, great work. I liked this a lot. The film is loosely based on the book witht he same title. A great film. Love the music a lot It helps it all the way through this timelessly classic. A fine cast is in top form. Fantastic oopening sequences with baboons and then we finally see the cast in a situation I have never seen before. I dont ever remembefring seeing a better film like this ever. Hollywood has never done anything like this before. A true classic. Fantastic special effects help this big time. A great ending. and what an idea using a computer in those days they were not around yet. Fine acting.

Fabiana C (mx) wrote: I LOVED IT! It's a kill bill with Spanish accent! LOVE SALMA! <3

Mark K (ca) wrote: The actors made me love this one. Paul & Jessica made it awesome!

Mike W (jp) wrote: i donno, i jus didnt like it, there were some smart moments, but overall, i hated the dude with the glasses...

Alex Bonafide A (mx) wrote: I am in love with this movie, and I am very surprised at how low this is rated by both critic and audience alike. Perhaps when it first came out it looked like other previous sci-fi films, yet I think this movie adds another layer of psychological confusion and thrill that "Alien" could never achieve. There is constant suspense and uncertainty throughout the film, and the unfolding mystery surrounding the alien orb found at the bottom of the ocean is so gripping that Dustin Hoffman's sub-par acting can not dramatically dent this movie's due rating. For the concept, twists, environment, and soundtrack, this sci-fi film gives a unique atmosphere to the genre while expanding elements seen in its preceding and future movies-- 5/5.Now... to read the actual book.

Todd S (gb) wrote: Texas Killing Fields is a movie that should have been a TV series instead. There is way too much going on here for a simple two hour movie, leaving things confusing and unsettled. Based on a true story, Texas Killing Fields tells the story of an area outside of Texas City known as the highway to hell. Since 1970, more than 60 bodies have been found dumped in this desolate area and most of the crimes have never been solved. This film follows the arrival of a New York City Homicide Detective, who has moved to the area and starts investigating a recent series of crimes. If this film had stuck to the story, it would have been terrific, because there was a lot to work with. Instead, the film jumps between three different crimes, in two different jurisdictions, which leaves a team of detectives separated and working on their own things. There is absolutely no background story on the detectives, the victims, the suspects, or the fields, and when the cops are talking to people, it feels like you've missed a whole lot of background information. Everyone knows everyone in these small towns, but the writers seem to have forgotten that we don't know anyone and were left extremely confused. There are a dozen suspect and a new victim every half hour. With each cop working on his own, we are thrown back and fourth to the point where the film becomes unwatchable. Avatar's Sam Worthington stars and as with that film, he's really nothing special. The guy is an interesting side character at best, but definitely not ready to be starring his own film. His partner is played by Jeffery Morgan, who eerily looks like he could be Javier Bardem's twin. Morgan was somewhat better than Worthington, but again the performance was uneven and hard to judge, because it was simply impossible to keep up with what was going on. Texas Killing Fields had a real life story to play on, but too many good ideas for it's own good. The producers try to pack in as much as they could into 105 minutes, which wasn't enough time to tell the story, and left the audience scratching it's heads.

Cody W (it) wrote: Not sure. Sounds weird. So I may watch it at some point

Alex F (ca) wrote: Great sports movie. Inspires me to do what I do.


Brian N (br) wrote: One of those random 1980s movies I remember watching back in the day. I believe its the first place I ever heard the name Thor. Anyway, its one of those films I should have left in the past. It just wasn't what I remembered.