Délits flagrants

Délits flagrants

This documentary is a collection of footage of 14 suspects being 'interviewed' by the deputy public prosecutors.

This documentary is a collection of footage of 14 suspects being 'interviewed' by the deputy public prosecutors. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Emma O (jp) wrote: Good comedy, especially if you grew up in London!Craig the crackhead was brilliant!

Mike M (de) wrote: The acting throughout is of a surprisingly high standard for what's essentially une blague: Barthelemy subtly points up the kid's growing assertion, and how Remy's lust for life feeds off the older man's jadedness, tipping the balance of power in the central relationship back the other way. The director is Romain Gavras, himself staging a rebellion of sorts against the sober, politicised works of his father Costa: his real achievement here lies in making something striking, yet never overly showy, against a backdrop of some of contemporary France's most depressed and visually nondescript port towns. Gavras understands the magnetic space, and limbo atmosphere, of those out-of-town shopping mall carparks where disaffected youth gathers after dark; he also ventures strange vignettes, like Cassel's encounter with a quizzical, seemingly abandoned pre-teen (a sister to Breillat's Fat Girl?) in the foyer of an incongruously plush hotel. There's a certain amount of dead time in the second act, as we wait for something (presumably apocalyptic) to happen, and some of it - Remy encouraging the stout male constituents of a proletarian wedding party to kiss at gunpoint - is just childish. Its better stretches, however, are properly mischievous, offering both the pleasure of knowing readers of the French equivalent of the Daily Mail were being wound up something rotten, and a good deal more fun than the Kevin Spacey vehicle "Shrink", a circumscribed and tasteful version of more or less the same story arc.

Adam E (mx) wrote: A brutal and darkly comic character study, focusing on a sociopath's infatuation with Saturday Night Fever during a time of military dictatorship in Chile. In the lead role, Alfredo Castro is positively mesmerizing to watch.

Alex L (de) wrote: WAY too much slow motion for my taste, it was overall an...entertaining movie, to say the least! The fighting wasn't nearly as good as Ong-Bak, but it had a much smaller budget. And the humor made up for the small lack in intensity.

Dickie L (us) wrote: This was a frustrating film to watch. Long and meandering, there were stretches that I found strangely fascinating, but ultimately the countless diversions from the main story took their toll and I found myself not caring much what happened.Normally I love Mathieu Almaric, but his character in this is basically a witness to the life he is investigating. There are lengthy shots of him listening to someone talk, which don't make for interesting cinema. Perhaps a story dealing with, among other things, office politics isn't something many of us want to see in a film since most of us live it every day and would like to forget about it in a cinema. Plenty of worthy issues touched on here, the dehumanisation of working for a large firm, mental illness, war crimes, but there was no constant thread to hold on to, and over 2.5 hours the intermittent rewards were not worth the patience it took to sit through this.

Kate T (us) wrote: Fun movie. Nothing special or life-changing, but it's worth watching at least once.

Alexander M (jp) wrote: Great flick! Really loved the laid back atmosphere and the excellent soundtrack.

Sung Che J (mx) wrote: even the half star is too much for this movie

Stacey O (us) wrote: Feels a bit like a vanity project

Sui G (ru) wrote: Amanda Bynes! Gotta love her! Another fun movie to watch! The story is great. The ending is wonderful. It's just amazing.

Anthony C (mx) wrote: it brings back alot of memoriers watching it again. i loved the power rangers growing up. i stopped watching when after lost galaxy and the movies are awesome as well.

Stefan G (ag) wrote: Sure, it looks like it was made for TV, but it's still a good action movie. The film presents itself with some smooth music, and the explosions and action scenes really make up for the production values. The acting is actually fine, especially with the main villain, and the story, though it seems cheesy, is simple enough that it isn't too irritating. Overall, Passenger 57 is not a very bad movie at all. In fact, if you ignore some of the cheesiness and production values, then it can be enjoyable.

Eric J (us) wrote: My son Robert Joamie of Pangnirtung, Nunavut Canada stars in this movie

Chris P (au) wrote: Not the comedy the trailer makes it out to be, but still pretty good.

Byron B (it) wrote: nominated for best foreign film at golden globes

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Jacob F (us) wrote: Not as good as the Godfather, but feels and looks as if it were. Definitely a good film to watch if you like prohibition movies but I would rather watch Once Upon a Time in America before this.

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