Delivering the Goods

Delivering the Goods

In New York City, a young Italian-American guy sets out to become a chef, much to the chagrin of his father.

In New York City, a young Italian-American guy sets out to become a chef, much to the chagrin of his father. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nathan M (de) wrote: Or the One Where That Guy is Just A Jerk...As a musician myself, it's a lot of fun to watch Beware of Mr. Baker. One, because it showcases the insane talent of Ginger Baker, probably the best modern drummer, and two, because it showcases how insane Ginger Baker is. If you're a musician you probably both admire Ginger Baker for his immense amount of talent, and fear becoming the kind of musician who values art over people. But this isn't just a documentary for musicians, it's a great character piece about one of the most enigmatic characters in the annals of rock history. As you hear the story of his life, you might begin to understand how he turned into who he did, but you don't forgive him for it. His cruel tactics in dealing with people and persistent need to feel better than everyone else, reveal his true nature: he's a jerk. I don't think there's much of a way around it.And writer/director Jay Bulger doesn't make any apologies for him, in fact, he even goes head to head (or nose to cane) with Baker. But Bulger's clear admiration for the rock hero effects everything in the film. Just like the audience, Bulger may not be able to forgive Baker's flaws, but he can't forget his talent.

Isaias D (es) wrote: Great movie. I loved it.

Carlos M (br) wrote: A beautiful and heartbreaking film that features an exquisite cinematography and is tremendously sensitive without being sentimental - mainly because its two leads have a fantastic chemistry together and make us deeply care about their characters and want to see their happiness.

Michael H (ca) wrote: This film isn't without promise, which is why it was ultimately so disappointing for me. The premise is solid and there are moments where the film cuts loose (mainly when Elvis and Anabelle go on the run) but as a whole it is way too obvious...her name is Anabelle Leigh for God's sake. The last twenty minutes also completely miss the mark, and hurt the movie in a way that it can never recover from. But Lively's outfits during the psuedo Pierrot le Fou-esque segment are just as awesome as others on here have have remarked, and the performances from everyone are really pretty good. They belong in a movie that deserves them.

Kathleen C (br) wrote: Maldita sea el discrimen contra las musulmanes. Good movie for Lawyers.

Colby P (de) wrote: Very cheesy and rather stupid monster movie but I am a sucker for killer fish, sea monster flicks and at least this does a few things right to make for a fairly fun and entertaining way to literally waste 90 minutes. First and foremost i would not pay money for this but many dvd quality copies can be found online and if you are a fan and have nothing better to do check it out as it features a brisk pace, decent kills, and a decent supply of gore and nasty bites. Not to praise it this movie too much, 2.5 stars puts this as a 50% worthwhile movie experience but I have seen much, much worse. Oh and as for the characters? no comment...

Shawn W (es) wrote: Female soldier doing hard labour in space is offered a reduced sentence if she disarms a small time post nuclear dictator on Earth who has a portable missile launching system. I was dismayed to learn there was few attractive women left in Utah.

Jens S (gb) wrote: This romantic comedy tells the story of the difficult years that follow the perfect first week with a new crush. It does so using Billy Crystal's typical humor that already made Harry and Sally a cult hit. The approach may be somewhat similar here, but there is much more to it. First of all, we hear the protagonists' story through their friends words, including interruptions and contradictions. That makes for a very quirky storytelling and plenty of great jokes. But the film does not shy away from showing the ugly and disenchanting truth after long distance or weekend relationships. Thankfully, even after the sadder parts, the movie always finds its way back to the lighter side of things, especially thanks to the excellent Crystal. Overall a very true and satisfying experience.

Eileen F (jp) wrote: I love this movie! Such a tear jerker. The chemistry between Richard Gere and Jodie Foster make this film makes the viewer believe that their characters are truly in love with each other.

Jeff W (br) wrote: More garbage from Fulci's later era. There are two gore scenes that look absolutly awful, but ironically are the highlights of this film. This film looks made for TV (was it?) and that totally detracts from any type of atmosphere Fulci was trying to muster up.

Nikolas G (de) wrote: yes ...its a film from and for Liverpool . its a poetic film , the title its part of lyrics in many poems . Also for somebody who wants to search more in the film , can see the balances beetwin the Catholicism and Anglicanism ...this is a very thin slide of film , but always has value

Ariua k (fr) wrote: Let me start by saying is that I liked Avatar and I thought it was a really amazing movie with such an original story but no. Avatar was based on two movies that I just found out about Dance with Wolves and an exploitation film called Man from Deep River. And in this movie you can so see what avatar stole in story of course. But for being such a graphic and gruesome movie it's so sad to see a man like this and what he has become. And the ending of course was like Avatar. John Barley is a British photographer in Thailand to cover sport matches and events like those. But he hates what he is doing and he wants to get out into the jungles and see something amazing and photograph that. So his girlfriend leaves him and heads home leaving John here but he gets into a fight with a mobster and he flees into the jungle to hide. And of course he is also doing it to photograph the wild but not long down the river he is captured by natives. Then if you have seen Avatar you know what happens. Let me start by saying Ivan Rassimov is incredible at his performance to me it's flawless. Same goes for the others considering there they don't speak English and subtitles are always needed. You know those scenes in Avatar with all the fantastic scenery well that came from this, there is a scene were John and the native girl are looking across a valley and see all those amazing landscapes. Man from Deep River indeed gets gruesome and extremely violent and that is what I hated, first we see all this amazing stuff and then some native gets his thong cut out spewing out blood every where. And I think that torture scene with John went on a bit too long. And of the plus side the film has all this fantastic scenery, costumes that they were (Look close enough and you will be able to tell that what Jake were is what John wares.) All the sets are magnificent and just really about everything. And this movie also has Mr. Umberto Lenzi's famous trademark Whisky. And what I mean by that is nearly every scene in all of his movies that have Whisky there for example. Paranoia: "Anyone know where the whisky is I feel like I am talking to myself" Man from Deep River: "God dam it John I am sick of drinking this F***ing S**t" (And she throws the bottle at him) Eaten Alive: "Look I admit Whisky is my passion but I didn't bring any" Cannibal Ferox: "Did you bring the Whisky I am thirsty"-"Okay where stuck so just grave what we can and the whisky" (Smash a few of the bottles hit the ground) And I come to a close don't see Avatar see this first then that.

Francisco G (us) wrote: It's a movie that features killer frogs. Frogs! What did you expect?

Tim C (it) wrote: John Ford was famous for his westerns as well as his dramas, and here he blends them both together and even has social commentary relevant to an ever changing political atmosphere of the sixties. The main character is Woody Strode, playing a sergeant in a rank of Buffalo Soldiers of the 9th Calvary who is accused of rape and murder. Jeffrey Hunter is his fellow soldier and his defending lawyer. Billie Burke, in her last movie, plays the socialite wife of the judge. It is a story about prejudice and Woody Strode leads the way and shows his dramatic chops. John Ford holds nothing back, and it is worth it.

Clay B (fr) wrote: STREETS OF LAREDO (1995)

Carlos I (fr) wrote: Another great film by the master of suspense, Hitchcock,

Uriel V (ru) wrote: Excellent movie. As a kid grew up in Dominican Republic, from a the middle class (maybe poor in other place of the planet) I only can dream with the Asian countries through the dictionary or some magazines. We dont have cable, but during the 90' Bertolucci was famous for The Last Emperor (The Last Tango was banned and as a 90's child I cannot get any information) That make me imaging China, and try to figured it how to speak chinese. At the same time I have the opportunity to met taiwanese people and for the first time I have the opportunity to listen about Siddharta story then when I was ten finally they broadcast the film in the public television of my country. Now I am in Taiwan and my wife is taiwanese. So althougt Bertolucci have the Last Tango he demonstrated with the others film, he shows his capacity to be a good director.

Tom R (ag) wrote: I guess Wes was short of money when he first read the script for this.

Owen M (fr) wrote: A wonderful, stirring movie and my favourite performance by Liam Neeson.