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Delizia torrent reviews

Reed H (kr) wrote: I movie that realizes how dumb it's characters are and demonstrates it without unneeded explanation.

Emiliano O (ru) wrote: Ta buena, no vallas con pretenciones y te va a gustar, es muy raro ver anime pero en cine y no en dibujos. Buenos efectos, un guion muy infantil pero al fin y al cabo de eso se trata, es la adaptacion de un dibujito y ademas los chistes igual estan buenos.Must see

Charlie E (br) wrote: Great film of Arnold playing a agent in this flick.

Nancy T (gb) wrote: I enjoyed this whimsical, funny and touching love story. Lots of fun. Sofie and Vincent are pure enjoyment to watch. Has anyone found a copy in the US with English subtitles?

Fred V (es) wrote: I'm giving this film a 70 because of the brilliant performances by Harrelson, More and Redford. I've seen Woody Harrelson in quite a few films now, but in this one he excels. The dialogue was also pretty intense at times, though the story overall and the run-time were perhaps not the strong points. It might not be the thriller some would label it, but there are a few glaring plot holes which gives this film little re-watch value. It's more of an underlying love story.

Piotr M (br) wrote: Ponoc antyfeministyczny. Nie podzielam opinii. Chlubny wyjatek na tle polskiego kina lat 90 - tych. I wreszcie Linda jakos inaczej zagral.

Rick D (jp) wrote: Tommy Lee Jones as a pirate! Second only to Johnny Depp as a pirate. It's like Indiana Jones meets Pirates of the Caribbean.

Alden S (gb) wrote: 10 out of 10:For a Few Dollars More kind of improved over the first with a better story and more thrilling action, while keeping the great acting and directing.

Alex r (ag) wrote: Boys of Abu Ghraib is one of those films that really could have been a good, memorable drama, but it ends up being a mediocre film due to the lack of a really good script and memorable performances. The film is your typical war drama, and tends to rely on your typical genre formula in order to create its story. While using the infamous prison of Abu Ghraib as a setting, the film follows a soldier who befriends an inmate during his tour of duty in Iraq. The idea is interesting, but the payoff is poor. Obviously, there is only a few ways to make a film with Abu Ghraib as a setting, and being to pull it off as it's quite a touchy subject after the scandal in 2004. Some ideas here are good, but for the most part it feels rushed, and the film's ideas never materialize into something really good. That's a shame because the film really could have been something good in terms of a drama and war film, but it ends up being a mediocre film that never satisfies. The abuse scandal raised plenty of debate and much criticism, and with good reason, here we get that aspect of the torture and humiliation, but it doesn't hammer the point across fully, and watching the film, I felt like they left a bit out. If the film would have been better developed, with much care with rewriting the story, I think that the film's effect would have resonated much more with the viewer, instead of having the torture scenes played out for mere shock value. Yes, it's shocking, disgusting among other things, but what fails here is the fact the sheer dehumanization process of which these soldiers go through in order to commit such atrocious acts against enemy combatants. More development in that area could have been much better because as it is, the film just rushes through that, and there never seems to be a conflict of interest that suggests that what these guys did was against the rules. If a few characters did that in the film and it did have a bit, but it was only briefly mentioned just for the sake of giving the film a ying/yang perspective, and it just doesn't pull through. Boys of Abu Ghraib could have been much better, but it's not awful, however it does leave a lot to be desired and considering its subject, it's a shame the filmmakers never managed to make something truly memorable or something to make you ask important questions.

Daniel C (es) wrote: Nick, a chauvinistic executive gains the ability to hear what women think.As the line above suggests, it's about a man named Nick who's gone through life thinking he's God's gift to women, only to find that he's anything but. The reality check changes him, probably for the better, at least that's what the movie would want you to believe right? It's a good film and there's plenty of things to like about it. It's not one I'll want to fire up every weekend but for casual viewing it does just fine. As a film released right around the time that advertising was changing precisely as depicted, it seems very timely.

PieterJan V (ru) wrote: Entertaining with a good twist at the end!