Delta of Venus

Delta of Venus

A struggling American writer and a fellow American expatriate begin a sordid affair among the chaos and discord of 1940 Paris, France on the brink of World War II.

A struggling American writer (England) and a fellow American expatriate (Mandylor) begin a sordid affair among the chaos and discord of 1940 Paris, France on the brink of World War II. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sandie M (kr) wrote: Beauty and laughter out of tragedy.

Private U (us) wrote: jajaja una pelicula demasiado tonta pero estaba de tan buen genio despues del concierto de alesana que me la vi todita y hasta me rei :)

Larry J (us) wrote: Promoting anime and animation is a hard sell to those who have never been exposed to it. I am delighted, for whatever reason, you have found yourself reading this review. I'm unabashedly wild about "Fake" and hope you will add it to your collection. If you happen to be channel surfing late in the evening and get the Cartoon Network, you might happen to hit one of the "Adult Swim" periods. Perhaps my fixation on Batman comic books... er, graphic novels during childhood explains my appreciation of animation today. The animation of today is not what you would find broadcast in the last century. I AM amazed at the layers of complexity and general range, each tankouban - or segment, chapter, volume, etc. - within a particular manga or anime can have. Most of the anime we review can be shown to young nephews and cousins without concern for content. (This is NOT the case for "House of Morecock" or "Stonewall & Riot.") For anyone in a guarded atmosphere, anime is an excellent means for gauging a hetero's reaction to test the water for coming out. "Fake" came out as manga originally in 1997. It holds a very special place in the realm of animation for me. It is the very first example of gay themed animation I was exposed too. I no longer had to fantasize about the womanizing Jet Black in "Cowboy Bebop," or homosexual undertones in straight animation. "Fake" is an excellent example of the shonen-ai classification every fan should have. It's an hour long OVA. (Original video animation) The US generally uses the term direct-to-video release. While there is a somewhat inferior stigma in the US attached to direct-to-video, this is not the case for Asian OVA. Many OVA series had no intention to appeal to a television or theatrical audience. The popularity of any particular OVA however, can become so strong, and profitability so certain, the original OVA series becomes a television program or wide released film. "Fake" in DVD form brought in the new millennium, originally release January 1, 2000. There have been no sequels. There are seven volumes of "Fake" in printed manga. Each volume is written by Sanami Matoh. They are published in Japan by BeXBoy and in America by Media Blasters. "Fake" is pure gay entertainment. There aren't any unexpected actions or outcomes. Shivers of a pleasant memory fill my thoughts anytime I watch the film since it is the very first time I had ever seen a passionate male-male kiss in animation. When "Fake" was over, I was ravenous for more. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be any inclination in carrying the story further, despite the fact both the film and manga are still very popular. The characterization is uncomplicated and straightforward. If you like attractive, stylized personalities, you will enjoy repeated viewings. Major characters are NYPD detectives Dee Laytner and Randy "Ryo" McLane. Dee is your type A personality. He is the sarcastic, loud, showy, "action first" partner. He is charismatic and fun seeking, coming off as the more dominant. Ryo is half-Japanese. He is the quieter, meticulously contemplative, passive partner. He is conscientious and serious about his job. Contrary to the generally intricate, plot driven detective crime film, "Fake" is heavy in characterization. Other personalities of note are Bikky, a punkish kid who serves as comic relief. He takes great pleasure in teasing and friendly tormenting Dee. I was initially put off by Bikky's role, thinking he would totally obstruct the deepening romance between Dee and Ryo. As the film progresses, Bikky becomes tolerable. New York's 27th. Precinct Police Department would be THE place to work if you were a queer law enforcement officer. (Unfortunately, there is NO real 27th Precinct of the NYPD except in the television program "Law & Order" and "Fake." Why in the organizational scheme of things you have a 26th and 28th Precinct but no 27th, is a question I searched high and low to discover - but couldn't find a reason.) We briefly meet JJ, a fellow cop who has a big crush on Dee. He's loud, flamey, and hilarious to watch. The last significant character is Berkeley Rose, a New York State Policeman. He's blonde and buff and an excellent complement to Dee and Ryo. Having so many New York law enforcement officials end up at the same English hotel is a bit of a stretch plot wise. Just go with the flow. Considering the age, "Fake" is excellent animation - especially in how it deals with the characters. Sanami Matoh, the creator, uses the traditional, classical, hand drawn animation more properly called cel animation. This technique provides visual consistency and produces beautiful backgrounds. Cel animation is contrasted with the digital animation technique where drawings are scanned into a computer. Using any number of software programs the animation is colored and processed. This technique produces a much sharper finish than the cel format. All characters have been drawn in a unique manner which may have been deliberate to give it an American feel, or perhaps it is aimed at a Western audience. Male shoulders are wider and eye shapes unusual. The story centers on Dee and Ryo's developing relationship. Somehow, the partners are allowed to have the same vacation week. This allows just the two of them to spend time alone in a secluded English country inn. Dee has very strong feelings for Ryo and wants to use this time to advance their relationship with hopes of a full-blown seduction. Ryo isn't sure of the extent of his feelings for Dee. It may be questionable how far he allows Dee to go. Their vacation is interrupted when Ryo discovers a murder victim. Solving the murder will be a second story line. A New York STATE Detective, Berkeley Rose, has been put on special assignment to get to the bottom of the series of murders that have taken place at the inn. The music in the film is good. The opening song is entitled "Everybody! Shake it Buddy!" It is silly and energetic accompanied by decent animation. It is preformed by a group called "The Kix.S" and has an exceptionally strong female singer. The background music is nondescript and neither enhances or detracts from the plot. The animations ends with a slow ballad, entitled "Starlight Heaven." It is performed by Rika Matsumoto and is a nice musical closing. Luckily, we don't have to rely on subtitles because the English dub is very good. It is obvious the dub actors for Dee and Ryo put a lot of feeling into their roles. No one has a stereotypically gay voice, except for JJ. The DVD was originally produced by Anime Works, now known as Media-Blasters in the U.S. I would have appreciated some extra materials but there are none. As "Fake" ends, you may feel like you've been teased. A quick hour has passed. I hope you are hungry for more. It is an excellent introduction to anime. Perhaps the ending intentionally serves to provoke the viewer into purchasing the manga. (Amazon has all seven volumes of the manga available at $9.99 a pop.) Maybe there were hopes of a sequel which didn't materialize. In any event, "Fake" is one of the best animes I've ever seen and competes very well with the abundance of hetero animation. It contains romance, action, comedy, suspense, and some of the most lovable characters you'll come across in the genre. You'll find yourself caring about Dee and Ryo. I actually root for Dee to pounce on Ryo with great sexual abandon. However, as mentioned earlier, you can share it with a young nephew or cousin without having to answer too many why's.

Jams G (jp) wrote: low budget, Saddam Hussein gets NUKED !

Marilee A (gb) wrote: Not as Good as Demolition Man

Kat E (de) wrote: This is a beautiful movie. Excellent depiction of Dorothy Parker's "laugh so you keep from crying" approach to life. Highly effective flashback scenes, excellent art direction, superb costuming.

Kayla K (nl) wrote: This movie made my week! I will fall in love with any man who makes up a rap of all the colors leading the children like the pied piper through the neighborhood letting me know that I am loved.

Nikolai D (ag) wrote: A tight, slick, postmodern drama on the complex love relationships of four adults, who are all consumed by the obscure flame of desire. Great acting, smart script, but not much in terms of psychological depth. Humans do have, after all, other motives than their anxieties and sexual impulses.