Nenette, who has the mental age of an 8-year-old, has always lived with her mother, who raised her alone. Nenette works, cleaning the community school, and her best friend is a tortoise. ...

Nenette, who has the mental age of an 8-year-old, has always lived with her mother, who raised her alone. Nenette works, cleaning the community school, and her best friend is a tortoise. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris H (ag) wrote: A strong and gripping documentary that gives a great perspective on the men fighting in the war in Afghanistan.

Christopher K (mx) wrote: Mesmerizing, beautiful, thrilling and surprisingly elegant. Martha Marcy May Marlene is the smooth story of a young woman who fights to adjust to the normality of standard living life after fleeing from the clutches of a sexual cult. The Director Sean Durkin did a fantastic job in working with Elizabeth Olsen in portraying the psychological damage and dysfunctional mindset that cults of this nature bring out in people. The catalogue of beautiful scenes that is on offer in this haunting and sophisticated movie is not short in supply. The most gripping, beautiful and seductive scene comes after Martha has been initiated into the cult in the most disturbing fashion. After the initiation of Martha or Marcy has accrued she struggles with her own self confidence and is torn between what is right, what is normal and what is happening. The leader of the cult begins to serenade her in a way that is seductive to her soul and really capture her into the warped sense of being that they believe to be the righteous way of life. This move offers everything you need in a gripping thriller that really plays with your imagination. The continued struggle that Martha faces to bring herself back to reality and fight to control her inner demons offers the audience something to relate to and connect with.The Movie does have a slight anticlimactic feel to it, this could be noted down to its brilliance. The feel of the why Martha decided to flee the cult would have been more dramatic if it was her that performed the act that swayed her outlook upon her new family. I would recommend this movie to anyone who really enjoys the quirky brilliance of the indie movie culture. The weird feel to the film will have to thinking about the direction and script long after the credits roll and you will have been gifted in watching something ground breaking.

Liaqat K (es) wrote: Entertaining.. Sort of a copy of back to the future.. But very good, cracks some laughs!! Definately good for a night in!!

M J (kr) wrote: So the main theme is that the bible will help humanity get it together after the apocalypse....a waste of a good Saturday night this movie was....Gary Oldman what were you thinking ???

nicole m (gb) wrote: not as bad as the trailer made this movie seem. it had alot of shock moments and gore!

Triin L (jp) wrote: The best Estonian movie. Honestly.

April N (it) wrote: Worst basketball/buddy movie ever. I want my $2 rental fee back. Even my 14 yo son hated it.

Zelyaine T (gb) wrote: I cried and cried. Frankie (Jack McElhone) is one of the sweetest characters you can find. A tremendously heart-warming movie.

Kyle G (ru) wrote: A young man walks across a snowy valley surrounded by green hills, and we follow him for almost a minute in a straight and unadorned shot. The silent and immobile mood this starts -- certainly carrying through the next few shots, where awkwardness slowly seeps in too -- might have a ponderous feel at times; but Nuri Bilge Ceylan, a captivating artist and seer and indie auteur of Turkish cinema, has something different in mind than mere pondering.One of Ceylan's mid-career films, 2002's UZAK -- similar to, but I think more literal and powerful than, American Kelly Reichardt's 2008 WENDY AND LUCY -- is also a touching minimalist work about deciding where to go and why. Like W&L, UZAK's drama is tiny and sharp and long; but unlike W&L, it's bigger and lovelier-looking too. In images that only become prettier, Ceylan charts the sadness and greed that leave two men unfulfilled and lonely.Yusuf (Mehmet Emin Toprak) has come from his small stagnant home village to the supposedly richer climes of Istanbul, with hopes of becoming a sailor but no real idea how to start. The scenes of his rootless "job hunting" and ineffectual grasps at social life are poignant and beautiful. His cousin Mahmut (Muzaffer zdemir) is a successful, stable, but unfulfilled photographer, who holds pretensions to Tarkovsky but spends more of his time with porn.Both of them live lives of seething impotence. In one scene, Mahmut is behind a desk in a big book-lined study, occasionally punching a TV remote in frustration ("Fifty channels, and all shit!") and occasionally asking Yusuf about his progress (meager, we know, but Yusuf blows together some excuses). The week Mahmut intends his cousin to stay becomes a seemingly neverending burden, and their frustration crescendos in weird picturesque vignettes. Urban and rural Turkey are melded beautifully in character, environment, and tone; empty sex and real romance are juxtaposed and then fused; resentment between Yusuf and Mahmut is subtle and well-played; and Ceylan's camera adds a wonderful painterly touch to an interesting script.

Joey H (fr) wrote: no as good as Exodus. an ironic film. humourous!

Adam V (us) wrote: Grade: A- I wanted to give route 666 a very good rating because it deserved it and because it's a different horror movie in the genre. Federal Marshall's and a witness in protective custody have to get from a small California dessert town to Los Angeles on a cursed road that's been condemned for years known as route 666. It's a independent film and is very good for those kind of horror films. There are some also very good performances from lori petty, lou dimand phillips, and Steven Williams. Route 666 is a very good b- movie horror film if your looking for. So kick back open a cola and get that popcorn poping and get your kicks on route 666!

Alex r (es) wrote: i remember liking the little voodoo doll episode but i don't remember liking the whole movie. i'm sure now days i'd probably think the movie was pretty stupid, but who knows

Tom m (it) wrote: I don't know why I've wanted to see Crying Freeman for a while thinking it would be poetic, but within the first 5 minutes of watching this movie I realised it looked exactly like a wannabe sensual porn film. The poor dialogues, the bad filming, the uninteresting characters, and especially that beautiful and sexy young lady who lives alone in a peaceful mansion and who happens to be the narrator of the film telling us about her feelings and emotions. And by the way there are some erotic sex scenes too!I admit I watched the movie to the end but I almost stopped it thinking it was useless to watch a porn film with no porn in it. Unrecommended.

Rupa B (br) wrote: Its an important movie, and one that you can learn history from. Many dont know about the turmoil Burma's faced and like Patricia says in the movie, "For the rest of the world, it just didnt happen". In the beginning I was unsure of this movie cause of the acting but that changed when the story picked up, cause it proved to be something worth watching.

Brian F (es) wrote: Once again SHAFT is back. I still like the first movie better but by this time Richard was tried of being typecast and he had a certain lever of resentment to his success as the character John SHAFT. Although i like the idea of him going back to Africa this film kinda takes him out of the element he is known for.. No gun except for certain scenes and as well SHAFT is known for being a sharp dresser i kinda missed those suites and long leather coats in this movie although he is in a suit for a little while at the beginning. The only thing i would say improved in this film is more fight scenes and a bigger plot. However even with its small missing elements it is still one of my favorite films. IM A SHAFT-A-HOLIC i was even him 2 times for Halloween lol.

Kenneth B (ru) wrote: Portmanteau is a difficult format from which to make a masterpiece. Dead of Night is the nearest that I can think of. I saw this at my local independent cinema and a gentleman was kind enough to give us a brief introduction to the film. The version I saw was the original Bava cut, I Tre volti della paura, rather than the American version named Black Sabbath, in which the stories are in a different order. Interestingly in the Italian version Boris Karloff's dialogue is overdubbed by an Italian actor but then subtitled back into English, whereas in the American version (I assume) it is just Karloff speaking in English. The stories themselves cover three prominent horror-bases, slasher, vampire and zombie. The first is The Telephone which must have had a huge influence on films like When a Stranger Calls and Scream. It is an effected and suspenseful episode which contains a solid twist. The Wurdalak is a vampire story and it of the three this seems like the centre-piece. It contains more characters, special effects and of course Mr Karloff. The Drop of Water is the one I enjoyed the least of the three. It is about a nurse who is called to the house of a deceased woman, who was a medium, in order to prepare her for her burial. She steals a mysterious looking ring and odd things begin to occur.While this isn't Bava's finest work it is still an accomplished piece of horror film and is one that I could happily revisit in the future.

Russ B (es) wrote: 3/15/2015: An ok movie with a good cast. The storyline was ok and I like the twist in the end, but it could have been better if it would have been more aggressive.

Monteco J (ru) wrote: This is one of the best gangster movies ever they kept it 100 the whole time

Maria Chiara R (es) wrote: An intense and vivid masterpiece.