Demolition Man

Demolition Man

Simon Phoenix, a violent criminal cryogenically frozen in 1996, has escaped during a parole hearing in 2032 in the utopia of San Angeles. Police are incapable of dealing with his violent ways and turn to his captor, John Spartan, who had also been cryogenically frozen when wrongfully accused of killing 30 innocent people while apprehending Phoenix.

This is a fiction story about the United States in 2032 when the United States occurs an earthquake. Now anarchy everywhere make police job becomes dangerous, and more than ever a dangerous crime has escaped prison and a huge plot is being executed... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Demolition Man torrent reviews

Ricky W (au) wrote: Ironic that this movie was so spiritually uplifting for me. Talk about something from nothing!

Shweta B (nl) wrote: This movie is a spiritual mystery and really too good. One should watch this movie for mystery. My most favorite movie!

Eliabeth P (ag) wrote: Very good. Wish we were able to see what happened next when the movie ended.

Joey A (au) wrote: Simon Says to watch this movie...overall, Crispin Glover effectively plays his character, and in doing so, he leaves an ever-lasting effecton the audience, in which leads onto becoming a violent, gory and gruesome horror flick.

Cody F (ca) wrote: By far the worst Alien movie. It was not really enjoyable and did not stand the test of time at all.

Pia K (es) wrote: Ajoittain ihan hauska leffa, vaikka Jim Carrey onkin mun mielest rsyttv... (Suom. Bruce - taivaanlahja)

Fred M (us) wrote: Bastante admirable que el protagonista con el que hay que encariarse venga junto con imgenes que activan nuestro instinto de asco y repulsin, como el techo que se cae para revelar la colonia de ratas que lo habitaba. Apoyamos a la rata que cocina, pero al mismo tiempo no aceptamos que el bicho que hace poco recorra las cloacas manipule los alimentos. No obstante, el conflicto que crea no es suficiente para compensar una trama de sabores y cocina que no es exactamente, eh, apasionante. El ablandamiento de los personajes ms severos no es conmovedor, es ms bien un insulto. La representacin del talento innato y el trabajo en equipo es demasiado fcil y simpln, an para un dibujo animado. 4/10: Mala.

Caitlyn S (mx) wrote: this was a really dumb movie.