Demon Covered in Scars

Demon Covered in Scars

Mai (Rika Adachi) is a high school student. She attends a new school and there she meets her classmate Shino (Manami Enosawa). Shino was bullied by Mai's friends back in their middle school days. Table have now turned.

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Christopher H (fr) wrote: I liked it. It was fantastic.

Lucero C (ru) wrote: What a sad story! it was very interesting and it had some potential but in the end, it didn't reach its full potential!

Paul N (ca) wrote: Super violent thriller - turning super clever into super power. Great thriller.

David I (de) wrote: Simply loved it -- it's melancholy but so moving.

Private U (fr) wrote: A hardcore piece of slasher porn that follows the direction of HOSTEL, TURISTAS, and numerous other films. 'Feed' has entertaining characters and some amazing gore that'll make your mouth drop open.

Ashley T (us) wrote: Don't be fooled by the title. I was hoping for some international fun here, but the characters only go from NY to LA. :P

Maxwell D (de) wrote: Extremely uneven film that benefits greatly from strong performances by its talented cast. Even so, this plods along at a snail's pace with jarring flashbacks that take you out of the story. If I didn't like looking at Ray Winstone so much, I might rate this lower...

Deadly V (br) wrote: Great comedy, wonderful acting, brilliant script - a must see!

Edward F (ag) wrote: Rather enjoyed this.

Matthew I (ru) wrote: I still don't know why she called the alien Jimmy

Kelli L (fr) wrote: I always get choked up at the end of this movie. Will always be one of my faves!

Alan B (fr) wrote: Great Travis McGee mystery thriller with top notch direction by Robert Clouse(ENTER THE DRAGON) and great performances by Rod Taylor as McGee, Suzy Kendall as the lady in distress and William Smith as one terrifying villain. The final climatic realistic brawl between Taylor & Smith is the highlight of this rare 70's film classic that I saw at NY's Anthology Film Archives film retrospective of 70's Hidden Cinematic Treasures hosted by Bill Lustig of Blue Underground.

Gordon T (mx) wrote: A HUGE 100 % (ONE HUNDRED PERCENT)!!!!! WINGS Hauser plays Ramrod a coked-up pimp who beats-up his hookers and rams pimp-sticks into them!!!! it is Freaked-Out!!!!! they never make movies this Frenetic These Days. . . . I think they censored my earlier review . . . I'll leave it up though: . . . and this review of mine disappeared too (CENSORED). I THOUGHT censorship was uncool. Hip dudes like Bill Maher and George Carlin despise censorship. The censored version . . . (booo). (when someone takes down your review and makes it appear like you never wrote the review in the first place it?s a tell-tale sign you?ve been censored. (remember the disclaimer: any objectionable material may be deleted without notice). WINGS HAUSER IS RAMROD!!!!!! Ramrod is a COKED-UP pimp who murders prostitutes and police-officers throughout the entire 90+ minutes of this AWESOME, HYPED-UP ?urban-Hell Movie;? yet, never once do you ever see Ramrod actually Snort Coke though. You-know RAMROD actually seems like he was on PCP (Phencyclidine) throughout the film. PCP (aka Angel Dust) eliminates the ?feeling? or ?conscience? parts of the brain and people on Angel Dust Do Anything with no remorse; PCP appears to affect the frontal lobe of the brain that ?mediates? emotion. Wings Hauser is (like, one of the) THE BEST ACTOR (S) in ?these-movies,? he is ON FIRE throughout the whole movie. NEON SLIME sung by WINGS HAUSER over VICE SQUAD?S opening and closing credits.

Memo P (de) wrote: Its kind of Vertigo of the B movies, i like the atmosphere....

Jeremiah T (it) wrote: Entertainment value: it was fun, original, and fantastic!

Lindsey P (gb) wrote: Looks really good and action packed!