Demon Island

Demon Island

Teens trapped on an island are haunted by a demon hidden inside...a pinata.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:knife,   monster,   slasher,  

Teens trapped on an island are haunted by a demon hidden inside...a pinata. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hugh G (au) wrote: Cussacks shit it's shit full stop

Al M (jp) wrote: Essentially an attempt to capitalize on Vacancy and other similar films, Terror Trap features a few moments of genuine brutality and creepiness. However. for the most part, it is a boring and derivative piece of torture cinema that never manages to develop its own identity apart from the films that it is copying.

Mike B (au) wrote: Horrible film. The plot and characters as thin as paper. Completely devoid of humor, and predictable as the physical force of gravity. You'll know that sinking feeling as this super-dud makes your stomach and your hopes plummet as surely as a car hurtling off a bridge. The portrayal of women sets them back to the stone age. Some of the clunky dialogue, brazenly anti-conservative garbage. Embarrassingly bad. Rather than watch this, go do something you can actually enjoy, like having a root canal. Unclear on my review, you ponder and think a moment: "Did you enjoy it?", you ask. My immediate response: "Not as much as a colonoscopy."

Dyron W (us) wrote: Disgusting and reckless as it can be, Jackass is a fun, gleefully deranged adaptation of the MTV series that is not opting to provoke intellegent conversation but induce a lot of laughs.

Valerie A (mx) wrote: dime si no es lo maximo esta pelicula!

Harish B (kr) wrote: the master leads an ensemble cast of out of work actors - jackie shroff, rekha etc... also marks the comeback of randhir kapoor in a once in a lifetime guest appearence..... a complex story of a movie within a movie showcasing the talent of some of dev anand's new discoveries. and in true epic style, the master then goes ahead and awards an oscar ..... a truly memorable experience .... watch it for dev anand's amazing direction and randhir kapoor's brilliant comeback ... BTW watch it for govinda's pelvic thrust at the oscar's .... it can't get better than this

Katrin N (ru) wrote: Wayans brothers rule!!! (L)

daren y (fr) wrote: i like this movie too

Michael H (de) wrote: As homage to Hitchcock, it reveals what a master Hitchcock was. Truffaut's film offers occasional faint echoes of suspense and intrigue plus a pretty cleverly shot conclusion. It's said that Trufaut was unhappy with the look of the film (among his earliest in color) which mirrors my reaction when I saw the film and, after less than a minute, thought it should really be black and white. The story strongly resembles the basic premise of "Kill Bill" though Tarantino says he'd never seen "The Bride Wore Black". Nevertheless, it's an interesting echo for modern viewers.

Wallace W (nl) wrote: Predictable melodrama, typical of the 1940s.

Jiashu X (jp) wrote: A little disappointed to see that many of the side characters from the first film had minor roles or didn't appear at all. Still, this is a daring and fairly satisfying sequel to its predecessor. The difference in music writers becomes apparent almost immediately, without enough of Alan Menken's subtlety or magic touch to make them memorable. The animation isn't quite up to par with the first film's either. That said, John Smith's contribution to the plot in this sequel is commendable, and his interaction with John Rolfe is much more interesting than his obviously dwindled flame with Pocahontas. Rolfe himself is a charming character who doesn't disappoint in the manner that he becomes the love interest, although many may resent the fact that Pocahontas didn't end up with Smith. Nonetheless, I respect that the film-makers didn't go for the usual traditional ending and instead chose to throw in the element of unpredictability by staying true to Pocahontas' historical relationship with Rolfe, minus her untimely illness and later death (come on, Disney still has to appeal to children). It was as good an ending as I could have personally asked for. On a final note, William Shakespeare's cameo in this film is misleading since he actually died shortly before Pocahontas reached London in 1616. But I guess it was a humourous touch.

Jack W (nl) wrote: Good timeline of the start of Silk Road to Ulbricht's arrest. Pretty graphics, Keanu Reeves and a good discussion of the underlying economic theories and technical realities of the situation. Still just a documentary, so smooths over some serious issues and plays up some pretty flimsy ones.