Demon Under Glass

Demon Under Glass

The city of Los Angeles is being terrorized by a serial killer who preys on youthful females and bleeds them dry after abusing them. With no calling card, no tangible forensic evidence and a growing list of victims, a specialty force made up of highly skilled authorities is called in. When one of their own goes in to trap the killer, will she come out alive, or will the killer have the upper hand?

The pursuit of a serial killer leads to a deeper evil. When the government captures a vampire he is imprisoned and subjected to brutal medical experiment. With the project's original MD ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aritra S (br) wrote: I saw this movie for Benedict Cumberbatch. I didn't even know who Hawking was. I mean everyone knows that he is some great mind who is paralysed. But how many of us really know what he really did. Why is so famous? So for a little exercise I googled him before watching this movie.And I am glad that I watched this movie. Not only would you love young Benedict Cumberbatch's most challenging role but also you would grow respect for this man called Hawking and why is so great!Just like the movie ended with a statement, I would end my review by modifying that and dedicating it to this movie- "There's a rare word we critics rarely use- Beautiful!"

Joshua B (nl) wrote: What did I just watch? I've been scarred for life!

Marc L (it) wrote: wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but not as good as the series, it missed Rube & Daisy... but there was some good closure still

Josh H (fr) wrote: I can take him in small doses, and this is probably my max ... a pretty solid set. If you've watched his comedy central show, you know exactly what you're getting into.

Mark N (gb) wrote: Tired, rote thriller of the genre: find the killer amongst a cast where everyone could have done it and nothing shown would allow you to work it out for yourself. Wasted performances all around with some fine actors with nothing to do or say.

Ling E (gb) wrote: Another good piece for time killing

Ali J (ru) wrote: Egoyan's masterpiece -- a twisting tale of erotic obsession and hypnotic storytelling.

Cara B (gb) wrote: This is pretty good, yet it makes little logical sense. There are plenty of errors, but it's a fun ride. A forgotten musical that you can enjoy.

Mark P (ru) wrote: Kinda only watched this because I met Ezra Miller in Caldwell a few years ago. I don't like to use the word "corny", but I think that word fits this film... Maybe if I was seventeen and watched it for the first time, I may have gotten something out of it, but I'm not sure what that would have been. I did enjoy the shots of Pittsburg. Also, during most of the film, the characters were wondering what a certain song was. It didn't help with believability, that this "Mystery Song" was one of David Bowie's most famous songs.

Benjamin M (mx) wrote: Horrible audio, one doode didn't have a accent then had an accent ! Cameron Diaz fucking sucks, just bad