Demonic Toys

Demonic Toys

A botched bust on a pair of arms dealers inadvertantly leads to the raising of a sixty-six-year-old demon with the power to bring toys to life as his personal minions. The demon is looking for a body to inhabit so he can increase his powers, and it just so happens that one of the police officers is pregnant with the ideal host.

While on a stakeout, Judith Gray, a beautiful, tough cop, is trapped inside a warehouse full of toys with her quarry and an innocent delivery boy. Then the toys suddenly spring to life at the command of a murderous demon-child... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Niki H (ca) wrote: simple, but moving.... must see

skyler M (gb) wrote: It was the worst one in the whole series but it was still good. The plot was kinda boring at certain parts but the point of this movie was good. Good point but somewhat boring plot. The characters were chosen well, although i thought that this would be a good movie considering how good i thought the third installment was. The third installment i enjoyed because it made me feel the love and connection between the characters. The two main characters didn't go together real well so there should be someone better that the main character can connect with. I'm 16 years old and i'm judging this movie poorly? It could have been better.

Brian C (es) wrote: Enjoyable horror/comedy about ghosts, terminal cancer patients, a mysterious nurse and well...that is pretty much it.Very play it safe-by the numbers outing, and nothing original. And to be honest, not overly funny either.But the characters are quirky, and kind of endearing.

Scott H (de) wrote: Though not as gripping as its made out to be, Doubt still delivers with its top notch cast and some intense meaty monologues

Trey D (es) wrote: Not my favorite but still better than the first!

pave m (ca) wrote: my kind of movie. shows you how weird reality acutally is. the little glances and vibes you get of different people and countless complex the grainy bnw - love the look!

Ashley T (ru) wrote: If you can get past the creepy premise (a brother and sister's incestuous affair), this is ... still not very good. Clive Owen, years before he was famous, is kinda dorky in this (though you see him naked -- yep, he was hot back then too!) Alan Rickman, one of my faves, is really annoying. And in the end, it's kind of boring too.

Byron B (br) wrote: nominated for best foreign film at the golden globes, oscars, and by NBR

Daniel H (us) wrote: This rock and roll meets Citizen Kane has John Cafferty's rocking tunes going for it, especially the hit "On the Dark Side" and the moody "Tender Years." Did Eddie Wilson actually die in a car accident in 1963, or did he fake his own death? And what happened to the master tapes of the never-materialized second album by the Cruisers, Eddie's band?My image of Tom Berenger has always been that of the sergeant in Platoon, but this movie really changes things, that of a thoughtful, literary type with a gift for words. He's a good foil to the rebellious Michael Pare, who was well cast as Eddie.

George E (nl) wrote: I only saw like 45 minutes of this but it was hilarious!

Tony D (br) wrote: Chilling, it will leave you shivering when the credits roll...

Petros T (ru) wrote: Among Chaplin's finest moments from the 1910s. The scenes at the rink are absolutely hilarious.

Ian C (jp) wrote: Decent enough. A missed opportunity with regard the film misses the opportunity to use so much music from the last era of great British music. Hoult is ok as the ruthless A&R man but isn't nasty enough. Echoes of House of Cards and American Psycho shine through as he plots his way to the top. A solid film but it could have been a lot better.