What go around comes around for a pair of prank-playing tire salesmen (Astin and Vartan) who find themselves placed in secretarial jobs by their put-upon boss (Cross)

The story centers on two sales mans who play a trick on another colleague. Man who is played prank get progress and finds two men placed in secretarial jobs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael R (de) wrote: Snow White and the Huntsmen has some intriguing visuals on display, but the whole film falls flat due to a poor script, poor acting, slow pace and lackluster action.

Nadim K (br) wrote: It's a must not watch!!...

Jason T (it) wrote: I enjoyed Jeff, Who Lives at Home. This movie was terrible on every level. Its a great tool for sleep.

Milena W (ru) wrote: Eh, enjoyed it when I was in year 7.

Alan K (br) wrote: Typical Michael Bay trash. Pointless explosions, over dramatic characters, and an absurd plot. I hope I never have to watch this again.

Susan R (au) wrote: I thought this movie was cute and good! I didn't mind watching this, as long as the plot of the movie is good, I'll watch! I honestly thought I was watching girls making out with each other cause they do act feminine a lot. I think guys who have feminine sides are sooo cute and hot! And wow I love the fashion sense they did for the main character! He was SO HOT! This was my first movie that acquires gay romance! And I enjoyed watching it!

Avery F (br) wrote: This is one of bloodiest animes I have ever seen!

Lindsey Ann C (es) wrote: awesome movie, had me peeing my pants.:

Yuki A (au) wrote: A satire comedy and anti-war movie which turns very good near the end. Part of it I don't know why I always like watching freaky fat lady in a movie, and many Italian movies have that kind of character. To name a few we can always remember Saraghina in Fellini's Otto e Mezzo or the fat lady in Amarcord. "He who fights and runs away Lives to fight another day" seems to pretty well summarise Pascalino's (the main character) attitude to life. And like Wertmuller's previous movie, Swept Away, Seven Beauties is also about surviving with every single effort a human can do. Pasqualino who was mad at his sister at the beginning, now sells his body to a mad fat Nazi concentration camp leader. And the sex scene between Pasqualino and the mad Nazi leader is one of the most hilarious n weird sex scene I've watched. It doesn't feel filthy, but Wertmuller handles it gracefully so it doesn't fall into silly and cheap comedy.

Carson B (kr) wrote: The Goblet of Fire is extremely entertaining and once again very fun to watch. Much like the Prisoner of Azkaban, the Goblet of Fire is darker and more emotional, but this movie does the book the least justice and leaves so much out. At times it even feels like a bunch of random scenes put together, still the Goblet of Fire is another strong entry in the Harry Potter series!

Sgt C (kr) wrote: (32%) Part slasher horror, part murder mystery that doesn't work very well in either portion. The plot is fine if a little dry and slow in places, but the ending twist is just not good enough, too far-fetched. Gore fans won't be much impressed either, especially if it is the tame version I saw, but the film is well made and the actors do their best with the lines they've got. I'd say it's just about worth watching, but your probably better off watching a 1980's slasher instead.