Den D

Den D

A Russian remake of the '80s cult classic "Commando", where a retired special forces operative has to go on a final mission to rescue his daughter from the clutches of his old nemeses.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Russian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   boat,   fight,  

The remake of famous Commando (1985) movie. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Den D torrent reviews

Jet L (mx) wrote: This is quite good. Specially for a movie that has no big names in it. Definitely worth watching. If you're living in another country, you'll most definitely be able to relate to this!

Lisa C (fr) wrote: All the scooby doo movies were good. This one was ok.

Brian C (fr) wrote: What a fantastic little Korean horror movie. I really enjoyed it despite the similarities to so many Asian movies of late. Yes, we have the ordinary technology being used by a ghost to exact revenge. We have the long hair creepy girl.But we also have so much more. Great acting (especially the little girl), and a really good story with some cool twists and turns.All in all a very enjoyable movie.

Deven P (it) wrote: How do I put this delicately? It's the most pathetic horror movie of all time, a terrible entry to the sci-fi genre, and a terrible parody of Star Wars in all ways, plus it's not funny, terribly acted, and looks awful as well. Leprechaun 4 should have remained in space and not have been shown on our Earth. It's one of the worst movies ever released.

Sarah G (it) wrote: absolutely mind blowing

baraa d (es) wrote: stay hungry dont ya eat

Wes M (jp) wrote: "If we don't try, we don't do. And if we don't do, why are we here on this Earth?" I'll be brief with this one, not too much to say. Pretty good, no wow factor. It's basically the story of Treebeard haha. Jimmy Stewart was great, as per usual, but some of his supporting cast was bleh in terms of acting. And a couple plot points were a little too unrealistic for my taste. Other than that, I had no big qualms about it. It's not even two hours long. I found this to actually be a plus: too many times a war movie is made under the condition that it must be at least 2.5 hours. It's an enjoyable Civil War flick, since it barely shows the actual battles, and instead focuses on the characters and the events that surround the war.

Evan W (jp) wrote: Ed Wood's best film- he turns his crude, low-rent style into a plus, adding a carny funhouse atmosphere.

Lilo C (mx) wrote: OH MY GAAWDDDDD! What made me watch this Movie? Eh SCREW YOOOOOO WILL! One of my best Friend is a huge Marlon Brando Fan and he persuaded me to watch this Movie with him. OH I WAS OVERJOYED I SLEPT LIKE A BABY after like 45 minutes. LMAO. I love Classics, but this one was really strange.

Emily G (kr) wrote: If only for the cast, I want to see this...

Steve J (jp) wrote: I'm honestly not sure how much I liked this movie, if at all. Sean Penn, as an aging ex-hair metal rocker, is either unbelievably awful or totally brilliant, I can't tell. Part of the reason for that is that I'm not sure what his character is all about. He's really creepy, but I think he's supposed to be endearing. The tone also seems totally confused; there are moments of (contrived) Diane Arbus-meets-Hal Ashby-style 'zaniness', and then there are moments of forced poignancy which don't really work since we don't understand the main character or what he's all about. Also, the story takes a long while (as in forty whole minutes) to get started, and then it ends up kind of nowhere; there's supposed to be some kind of redemptive moment for Penn's character but I guess I missed it. Judd Hirsch is really great in a thankless role, and Frances McDormand is fine as Penn's pot-smoking firefighter wife (no, I'm not kidding). This movie reminded me of Me and You and Everyone We Know, except I don't hate this one quite as much as I did that one. It has good stuff in it, mostly having to do with the cinematography. But there are also goofy-looking misfits, an ex-Nazi living incognito, and David Byrne (who wrote the music) in a cameo appearance playing himself for no apparent reason. I don't know, it didn't make much sense. And I found it too sluggish. So ultimately, I guess I don't like it much. It was compelling though, mostly because it's just so cough-syrupy-weird.