Den enskilde medborgaren

Den enskilde medborgaren

Insurance Director Stig Roxby is worth a hundred times more than an ordinary high school teacher. But he doesn't think that's enough, but sees himself forced to work with four other director colleagues to lift the bonus cap to be even more valuable. After some complications, Stig Roxby realize the brutal truth: he has everything but the essentials...

Insurance Director Stig Roxby is worth a hundred times more than an ordinary high school teacher. But he doesn't think that's enough, but sees himself forced to work with four other director colleagues to lift the bonus cap to be even more valuable. After some complications, Stig Roxby realize the brutal truth: he has everything but the essentials... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve H (au) wrote: Ah! My mate Seung - woo Cho! He's fast becoming one of my fav actors. He's so funny! And an amazing actor. This picture is slow but fascinating - with wonderfully filmed shots of the Empress with Mu Myeong on the beach and in the high grass. This is a tragic true story of a Queen and her protector (who comes from a humble background)

Magdalena V (jp) wrote: Nice and moving... totally reccomendable...

Ryan V (ag) wrote: Gary Sinise is downright uncanny as President Harry S Truman in this high quality HBO production. A strong supporting performance is also turned in by Diana Scarwid as the First Lady, Bess. Entertaining and enlightening: this is worth checking out, especially for a moviegoer who may have little knowledge of this very colorful statesman and his accomplishments.

John S (us) wrote: Saw this with the title "midnight heat" instead of "sunset heat" for some reason. Bog standard "ex-criminal tries to put his past behind him but gets pulled back into the life" movie. No outstanding performances or original twists in the plot but if you're looking for a generic thriller to have on in the background and kill an hour and a half, without being terrible or so good it'll distract you from a conversation you're having this is it. Also entertaining to see rubbish 1980's pop-star Adam Ant make an appearance as a particularly stupid criminal.

Austin D (us) wrote: great childhood memories when I watch this. it brings that innocence of childhood back. loved it then and I love it now.

Carlos I (mx) wrote: Lots of fun. End of the world flick with a couple of Valley girls. It's like last man on earth meets Buffy the vampire slayer.

(it) wrote: One of the best soundtracks ever!

Alexandre R (ag) wrote: Premier film de Nicholas Ray (plus connu pour "Rebel Without a Cause" et "In a Lonely Place"), "They Live by Night" s'inscrit de plein pied dans la tradition du film noir amricain, plus prcisment dans la srie des "lovers on the run" dont le film "You Only Live Once" de Fritz Lang est sans doute le plus important modle. Mais bon, loin de moi l'envie de dnaturer le film en le soumettant une catgorisation trop rigide. D'autant plus qu'il a son petit style bien lui.Ce qui rapproche "They Live by Night" du film de Lang, disons davantage que de "Gun Crazy" qui a pourtant t fait seulement deux ans d'intervalle, c'est d'abord et avant tout la dynamique. Contrairement aux films la Bonnie and Clyde, "They Live by Night" prsente la relation entre un criminel en fuite et une femme de bonnes moeurs qui le suit par amour tout en l'exhortant de cesser ses activits criminelles. Seulement on n'a pas d'argent sans travailler, alors d'autres crimes doivent tre commis pour subsister pendant la fuite..."They Live by Night" est parfois un peu mlodramatique sur les bords, mais c'est bien la seule chose qu'on puisse lui reprocher. Les acteurs sont comptents, le rcit est prenant et la ralisation laisse entrevoir des bribes du grand ralisateur venir. Il matrise parfaitement bien son sujet et son genre. On ne peut s'empcher de ressentir pour ce couple une profonde sympathie, mme si l'on sait que leurs rves ne sont que poudre aux yeux et que la ralit ne manquera pas de frapper de plein fouet alors que l'tau se resserre...

Christian E (es) wrote: THE way a westerns should look, feel, and sound.

Gavin P (gb) wrote: An enjoyable look into Alfred Hitchcock's life during the making of 'Psycho', with Hopkins clearly relishing playing the famous director. Mirren is great as his wife Alma, and Johansson is good as Janet Leigh. Plenty of funny moments, with some domestic realism, balanced wit his witty professional demeanor. Great ending to a fun ride.

Brian C (au) wrote: Surprisingly enjoyable.Depicts generation gaps as far as relationships and literature and the way both are looked at.

Thomas D (fr) wrote: Captain Jean-Luc Picard and crew were second fiddle to Captain Kirk in their first feature film together in 1994's 'Generations', but that wasn't at all the case in 'First Contact'. Putting a newfound focus on the new crew and a new real sci-fi adventure proved to be what was needed to make the best Star Trek film in years.Re-introducing the Borg was a good choice as the conflict with the Klingons seemed to be getting a bit tiresome. Plus, with improved 1996 special effects, the filmmakers were able to fully realize the Borg as terrifying science fiction species. And that brings me to my favorite elements to First Contact, it's true sci-fi aesthetic. Sure, you still get a classic Trek adventure, but I don't think the other films in the franchise capture the science fiction side to the series as well as First Contact does.The main crew are joined by now-prominent actors, James Cromwell, Alfre Woodard, and Neal McDonough. McDonough plays a throwaway crew mate on the bridge, but Woodard and Cromwell are given plenty to do. Unfortunately for Cromwel and other members of the Enterprise crew, their 21st century earth bound mission is not as compelling as what is going on in space.While Woodard spends most of the film attempting to understand what's going on, she serves as a great counterpart to Picard's spiraling emotion. With Picard's unfortunate Borg history, he has a tough time comprehending any other strategies besides what his own mind tells him. Woodard is the only one that can get to him. Their bond and blossoming relationship is the type of thing previous films have been missing. Or really any well-written female characters at all.After taking a few films off, Jerry Goldsmith returned to score First Contact. Goldsmith has always had a keen sense of when to hammer in that heroic side to the Star Trek theme at just the right moments, First Contact does so impeccably. The CGI is also surprisingly polished. The mixture of practical and digital is seamlessly handled.Though Star Trek films seem to have the same structure, First Contact steered away from some flaws of the previous entries. Keeping the fun tone while throwing in some homages to Alien and Terminator with the Borg's presence was a perfect way to kick off The Next Generation's own film without having to rely on old characters. Star Trek First Contact is easily one of the best instalments of the franchise to date.+Real sci-fi+Borg were a nice change up+Woodard and Cromwell+Focus on the team instead of the old crew+Score+Homages to classic sci-fi films-Earth bound material is a bore8.3/10

Leonard D (ca) wrote: This was promising, but I kept being reminded that this happened five years before! Way too soon to release a film like this, I'm sorry! If it was a few decades after, fine, but, this shouldn't have to be created and pushed out this quickly, damn!

Nell A (gb) wrote: An EXCELLENT found footage horror. People need to get over it - found footage is a subgenre now. If you don't like it, don't watch it. The acting is excellent, the scares are scarce enough to be believable and the ending is literally breathtakingly creepy. I don't know how anyone who appreciates the horror genre, and doesn't hate found footage, could dislike this.