Den femtonde hövdingen

Den femtonde hövdingen


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:60 minutes
  • Release:1992
  • Language:Swedish,Saami
  • Reference:Imdb
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Den femtonde hövdingen torrent reviews

Chris E (ag) wrote: Ha ha ha, very funny Hollywood

Robin P (nl) wrote: I don't like country music!! But I do like Gwyneth Paltrow and she gave an incredible performance as a alcohol/drug addicted singer songwriter in Country Strong. This was an enjoyable viewing as I came across this on TV the other day...glad I gave it a chance.

Pavandeep S (nl) wrote: The celery scene could have been much better done in my opinion.

Wesley L (jp) wrote: God I love this movie lol

Dave I (gb) wrote: The last movie Tina Fey starred in was "Mean Girls", and that was hilarious.

Joe J (de) wrote: A rather decent horror/psychological flick. Dealing with the death of their young daughter, a young couple moves to the mountains to escape their memories, yet the wife is plagued with visions of her dead daughter, and there's more to the cabin than meets the eye.

Private U (de) wrote: This is a good movie. It's based on a true story which I have always been interested in. It's not quite up to the pathos of A Time To Kill but still worth viewing.

Ce Khan C (br) wrote: What a outstanding movie is this I have not words to describe..Blend of fun n emotions...Great story and superb performances be it Amitabh, Akshay, Shefali, Priyanka, Boman or Rajpal.... Rajpal yadav steals the show with his hilarious stufff...Ragpal Yadav as the brain-dead servant and Boman Irani as the show-off father-in law have a very good connection and the comedy scene's were hilarious...The direction is very good....

Greg W (au) wrote: horrible as is the fact there are 2 sequels-yikes!

alex f (au) wrote: if there was a oscar for greatest on screen mustache... we have a life time winner!all round, there is not much great acting but when the 80's went full steam with highlighting every sport out there, they didnt go wronmg in including bike racing!HELL OF THE WEST! ... WHAT A RACE!

Landon M (fr) wrote: A cult classic! If you love Texas chain saw massacre (1974), you need to watch this.

Corey B (br) wrote: I remember watching this movie as a child and the ending gave me nightmares, so much I remember it to this day. its not scary as a adult though but it probably has the most anti climactic ending in the history of cinema, that is why I love it so much because honestly what else could they do? That is why I like this movie so much.

Art S (nl) wrote: Unmistakably a Cassavetes picture, shot in that vrit, quasi-improvised style that he made his own, Minnie and Moskowitz follows two odd characters (played by Gena Rowlands and Seymour Cassel, respectively) as they meet and fall in love. If that sounds like straightforward romantic comedy, the actual film is anything but. In Cassavetes' universe, people seem to have serious problems with their emotional regulation. Moskowitz especially runs hot and hot, while Minnie tends toward cool (so much so that she wears her sunglasses indoors and at night). And whether this is a comedy at all is an open question: I found the interactions between people to be predominantly tense, probably because of all the norm violations by Moskowitz. Minnie seems to have a similar reaction but comes around to his honesty and openness. What you see is what you get. Apart from the central duo, we are also treated to a number of bizarre monologues from character actors such as Timothy Carey (a well-known weirdo) and Val Avery - these do verge on the comic. Cassavetes also makes a sly reference to 2001: A Space Odyssey. In other words, the film is looser and less serious than the tougher drama Cassavetes is known for (Faces, A Woman Under the Influence). As it careens to a conclusion, things fall apart a bit, as the actors break character to show the making of the film to have been a fun family affair (Rowlands and Cassavetes, who also makes an appearance as a true heel, were married and their mothers appear in the film).

Carl M (ru) wrote: Using his brave new techniques, the Baron Frankenstein manages to migrate the souls of two young lovers into the same body, transforming the disfigured Christina into a beautiful woman. The two use Christina's voracious good looks as an instrument for revenge against the men that crossed them! Terence Fisher returns to direct the fourth in Hammer's FRANKENSTEIN series after Freddie Francis's slight misstep in the last. FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMAN is built on a tragic love story that unfolds around Hans and Christina, with Peter Cushing taking a step back behind his fellow cast members. Fisher takes long, artful strides as always in the development of his moving characters. The timely build leads up to the pair's perfectly-executed plot for revenge, which draws greatly from classic fairy tales and traditional storytelling techniques. The philosophical implications involving the existence of the soul and one's ability to transcend death also weigh heavier than in Frankenstein's other outings. Along with the fantastic performances by Thorley Walters, Robert Morris, and the ravishing Susan Denberg, FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMAN not only becomes one of the series' strongest sequels, but also one of Hammer's finest films! -Carl ManesI Like Horror Movies

Rob F (nl) wrote: First Ozu film I've seen, but I dug it. Shot very simply, this relationship drama about the generational gap between accepted societal norms is pretty damn riveting, thanks in no small part to a great performance from the lead.

Brian S (br) wrote: Beautiful, just beautiful...

jay n (es) wrote: the soap is rather heavy but the performances are beautiful

Bonnie R (nl) wrote: I give this film 5 stars because Emily Watson's portrait of a Scottish Amish-like town is PERFECTION. Because the story, albeit dark, explores all of the aspects of life, religious intolerance, family, and most importantly the absolute TRUTH about the power of LOVE.Some may say it is incomprehensible this tale, but they more than likely have never experienced that which IS honestly and truthfully LOVE.For those who doubt me, and I am an Atheist, kindly read 1 Corinthians 13-14 and you will understand that of which I speak.The only negative I can perhaps conjure is that Emily Watson did not win the Oscar for her role as Bess McNeil. This role, the way it was acted was one of the finest acting jobs I have seen in 62 years of watching cinema. Thus, whoever she ran against had better publicity or press or was more well known.As a post script to this, it is an honor to watch any film in which Watson acts.

Kellan W (fr) wrote: Only Spielberg could take something interesting and make it so bland.

Thalia I (it) wrote: Para pasar un buen rato