Den forsvundne pølsemaker

Den forsvundne pølsemaker

The detectives Gløgg and Rask is put on the task of finding out what has happened to the lost sausage maker H. Brand. They find him after a lot of trouble. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Calvin R (nl) wrote: Blood Rayne a game adaptation that did not work. It was very cheesy, laughable script, a mindless choppy story telling, and lousy action. What a waste!

James C (ca) wrote: The zaniness is back. There are a few too many humans in lead roles for my taste, but the antics between Gonzo and Rizzo more than make up for that. Tim Curry shines.

Brian R (mx) wrote: This music driven collection of Disney shorts is a Frankenstein of Disney styles, some much better than others. The more abstract sequences were definitely the stand out portions.

Zach M (ca) wrote: This was a lot better than I thought it would be.Don't know why Kevin Smith wanted to direct a movie this generic but it wasn't terrible and you could see glimpses of his style and humour.When Tracy Morgan punches the little kid in the groin I couldn't stop laughing.Jason Lee at it again, he's played good asses in movies

Corey S (fr) wrote: Love this film it's really funny and all the actors are really good in it show me the money is the best scene ever

Amy R (au) wrote: Loved the quirkiness and deadpan drama. The Khaki Scouts were the best!

Kimberly H (br) wrote: Me Before You is a B- guilty pleasure movie that had a lot of potential, but was very poorly executed by its creators. It could have made you cry but it probably won't. Clarke is the best thing about this movie. Her character is entertaining, relatable, and endearing, and she commits to it well. One of the biggest mistakes that was made was not giving Will more character development. At the start of the film, the audience was given less than a minute in the opening scene to get to know Will and feel for his character. How can your audience feel for a character after just one minute?! The audience shouldn't have had to spend so much time playing catch up and wondering why we don't care as strongly for Will as we could have. Get your audience engaged! Specifically, in the scene where his best friend and his ex girlfriend come to visit him, now as an engaged couple, the audience has no clue who these people are. It could have been a much more painful and gripping scene. But we don't find out who they are until the scene is over. Sure, the ex girlfriend was in the opening scene for less than a minute, but the audience likely doesn't even remember who she is, halfway into the movie.But the biggest flaw of all was the fact that the writers and the director couldn't decide whether or not they actually wanted Lou to fall in love with Will. There isn't a moment where we actually know when she fell in love with him. It's as if they were trying too hard to preserve her integrity as someone who wouldn't fall in love with another man when she has a boyfriend. Ridiculous. This is supposed to be a romance movie. When you get to the end of the movie wondering why you're not crying, it's because the creators didn't let Lou and Will fully fall in love. It's unclear and you still don't know if she's just doing it because she feels sorry for him. Dear creators, allow your characters to make bolder choices next time for a more powerful, gripping movie. Don't write cheesy lines in places where there should be silence, like, "Oh, Will, lets go away from here, anywhere!" (When she's sitting in his lap at the wedding) That could have been a perfect silent moment or opportunity for a kiss, after he tells her she's the only thing that makes him get out of bed in the morning. That was a perfect moment for silence and shock from Lou, that he might be in love with her. This didn't pull on my heartstrings the way it could have.