Den store gavtyv

Den store gavtyv

Crime writer Rodian moves into a hotel which used to be the hideout for the thief Mathisen and his gang. However, when Rodian has gone to bed and fallen asleep, Mathisen reads the writer's ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:1956
  • Language:Danish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:remake,  

Crime writer Rodian moves into a hotel which used to be the hideout for the thief Mathisen and his gang. However, when Rodian has gone to bed and fallen asleep, Mathisen reads the writer's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Avranil D (de) wrote: Just awesome movie...I love it..Please make a movie like this..and RAM CHARAN is outstanding..

Ikc T (au) wrote: i wants to be a good actor

Sasha W (nl) wrote: REC 2 takes place almost immediately after the first one ended and it does not take long for the film to gather its momentum and further examine themes highlighted in the first.

Sara A (mx) wrote: jus love it and it's hot

Muhammad E (de) wrote: a movie only neurotics will appreciate and love.

Jeffrey C (nl) wrote: No storyline but still can catch your feel, that's mean tremendous acting and directing

Ryan G (us) wrote: Terrible football gameplay and unrealistic results.

Keena M (fr) wrote: same movie posted twice.

Todd S (de) wrote: [font=Times][size=4]1978 US Director: Joel M. Reed[/size][/font][font=Times][size=4]Score: 4[/size][/font][font=Times][size=4] Considered by many to be a ?cult classic? I feel that title is over used now-a-days, and this is one of the films it is over used on. I?ll admit, many parts of this movie are so ridiculously bad, so eye-rollingly stupid, that it made me chuckle. I don?t see that as a qualification for ?cult hit? status. This film was straight up sexploitation horror and nothing more. The effects used to achieve its ?shocking? scenes of gore were not bad for the era it was made in, but not cutting edge even in that day. The story has some interesting elements in it, but also some gaping logic holes. The soundtrack is useless and even worse at times than useless, it reaches into the category of annoying. Most of the acting from the majority of the cast is unintentionally funny due to it being so cheesy. As a genre curiosity this one might deserve the attention of hard core horror fans, otherwise it is a total waste of time.[/size][/font][font=Times][size=4] [/size][/font][font='Times New Roman'][size=4]Notes: XV-XL-GN-SV Suggested Age: Adults Only[/size][/font]

Knox M (us) wrote: Exceeds other Disney films being made at the time by a long shot simply because of how mature this comedy is.

Paul N (fr) wrote: Wow, that's really his nose, no make up! Apart from the freaky nose, this felt like a remake of a fifties classic, rather than seventies. It was very hackneyed, and for the most part I think it knew it was. The big problem was I never really engaged with the main male or female character, and think the boss had far more presence. I did chuckle a few times, whcihc is enough for me to say I'm glad I watched it.

Paul P (au) wrote: Bad Brain on String Wants Power and Women!! :=8OYes, Gor, the evil brain from Arous, wants to dominate the earth and get off with B-Actress Joyce Meadows. Unfortunately, in order to do this, the bad brain must inhabit the "stupid body" of John Aggar, and suffer through his atrocious over-acting. Most of the time, the bad brain is just an off-camera projection; you can tell because frequently you can see the background lights of the projector. In his "true form", Gor is a large blob with eyes that never blink, automated by a pair of poorly concealed strings. Gor, when irritated, bumps into the actors when in this form. When in his projector form, Gor kills by turning on a small light on their faces. Big, blobby brain-invaders aside, the plot is absurd, and has only the merest nodding acquaintance with reality. Bodies never decompose or smell, even after a week in a 120 degree desert. Model planes on strings blow up, and then the strung bits hang suspended in mid-air. The Military, who cannot detect any residual radiation from the light blasts, immediately conclude that the earth is being invaded from outer space. When one extra remarks how fantastic that idea is, a general tells him that they are even now "considering an invasion of the moon". This turkey is one of the moost absurd cow flops the MooCow has ever seen. The pacing is slow, cowever, and the film only really picks up towards the end, when Gor must take on his "true form". It is fun to watch him bump John Aggar, and it's sad to see Aggar chop the brain up in the end. Yet another brainless brain moovies from the 50's, but lots moore fun. MooCow says check it out, but don't say you weren't warned. :=8/

Jose Diego D (ag) wrote: Another failed attempt to remake a masterpiece.

Stephen S (au) wrote: Classic Hitchcock. Awesome film.

Skyler B (kr) wrote: Of all the comedies regarding high school, this is the only one I feel nails both the pressures of being a student as well as the unending horror of being a teacher. I don't own this, but should... I watch it every time it ends up on a streaming service. Why don't I own the hell out of this?

Cristbal S (ca) wrote: Great cast, alas 'Homefront' takes itself way too serious, and fails for an idiotic script and confusing direction. Also Statham's american accent it's pretty weird.

Carlos M (ca) wrote: This movie should not be sold as a comedy, for it is actually the most depressing movie of the year, and the problem lies in fact in its abrupt shifts in tone and a disastrous attempt at being both a cute road movie and a profound love story, leading to an awful ending.