Den svadby pridyotsya utochnit

Den svadby pridyotsya utochnit


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Den svadby pridyotsya utochnit torrent reviews

Ce G (gb) wrote: No wonder Troel couldn't remain in Hollywood. This movie is a must for photography lovers and probably my favorite feature is the sepia color through all of it. A wonderful story and beautifully told.

Alex C (ag) wrote: Je tiens prciser que je n'avais pas vraiment d'attente en commenant Simon Says. Bon Dieu de merde que ce film est merdique! Le tout est tellement minable que c'est hilarant! Les meurtres sont ridiculements drles, l'acting est abobinable, il y a tellements d'erreurs techniques et d'erreurs dans les effets spciaux que faire une liste me prendrait toute la nuit! Le ralisateur n'avait de scripte et a parat. Un film clich avec une finale de merde, ralis par un attard qui sait mme pas compter ( massacre la tronconneuse = 6 mots, WHAT THE FUCK!) Un dsastre en tout points, un des pires films que j'ai vu!

Lucio Z (br) wrote: Somehow interesting.

Melissa L (br) wrote: Slow, but I did end up watching the whole thing. Similar to phone booth, but not as good.

Ashton P (nl) wrote: a good enough movie by Jet Li...not his best but worth the watch...

Jason B (us) wrote: I honestly can't remember the last time a movie made me this physically uncomfortable.

Richard D (ca) wrote: I'm not really as fond of this as I thought I was. It's an admittedly big, dumb fun movie (it's entirely appropriate that Queen worked on the soundtrack), but it's really not put together very well. It's stylish, especially for an obviously cheap film, but the many action scenes are pretty awkwardly staged and large parts of the plot make little sense. (Why does The Kurgan show up looking for MacLeod and not just come back a few days later when he's not in?) Connery and Clancy Brown do great work, but Lambert is just as awful here as he always is. It's kind of surprising that his little flick ended up having the legs it did.

Alan W (jp) wrote: This is another good one in the road to movie