Dennis Miller: All In

Dennis Miller: All In

One of a kind beats everything

He's made a career exposing artifice, excess and pretense. So what's Dennis Miller doing in Sin City? He's making history headlining a stand-up special as part of the inaugural edition of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Edi N (de) wrote: I'm not enjoying fighting scenes. It doesn't surprise me, just usual as any other fights scene on many films before. Don't feel the emotion between jack and samantha too. Maybe because sam character was not consistent from the beginning to the end.

Ariel E (ag) wrote: "In the end, Freedom always wins."

Jill R (ca) wrote: I really did love this movie it's very underrated it is stupid but it's really funny and had heart this doesn't deserve the flack it has got a very good comedy that's worth watching Grade A-

Wes S (mx) wrote: Boring plot, awful characters, slow scenes, and an ending that drags on too long. The film doesn't offer much new compared to the other killer snakes films out there. Simply another dim creature flick from RHI.

Joshua R (us) wrote: A totally believable, sad & funny little movie about the power of finding faith.From the director of ARLINGTON ROAD and THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES, Mark Pellington's Film HENRY POOLE IS HERE is a very enjoyable movie going experience that finds lead actor Luke Wilson a role worthy of his broad skills as an actor that he is not usually given an opportunity to use. B+

Michael A (gb) wrote: Too stupid for words...I know it's suppose to be a Parody of horror and porn films...but it's not funny at all!

Monjit B (it) wrote: Not so good... Forced tragedy!!!

Mat K (ca) wrote: A great adaptation of the stage play. Dennis Franz and Dustin Hoffman do an excellent job as two dinosaurs who don't know that they are already extinct. Amazing dialogue as our main characters talk in redundancies and contradictions and believe every word of it. However if you are looking for a movie with action, look elsewhere. This movie is all about character and how they are not going anywhere.

Amos B (fr) wrote: October 2003 - Arsenal, BerlinLesser-known Ray. Very delicate, and some interesting commentary on film-making along the way (see the binoculars, still photographs, and kaleidoscope at the end).

George F (ag) wrote: The dubbing was the only distracting drawback in Mario Bava's macabre witch/vampire epic. Atmospheric, beautifully shot in black and white, creepy and involving.Going to watch Bava's Black Sabbath trilogy next...introduced by cool is that?

oniverse m (au) wrote: like postal, dead or alive is very controversial when it come to its portrail of women but noth the lest it's a very good action film and a guilty pleasure to many.