Dennis P.

Dennis P.

Comedy inspired by the true story of Dennis P, who became Holland's biggest diamond thief, when he walked away with the entire 20 million euros stock of an international diamond trader, using a microwave oven as a swagbag.

Nothing is more difficult than stealing a heart. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dennis P. torrent reviews

Marilena G (fr) wrote: Beautiful and very interesting movie.

Johnny C (jp) wrote: Almost on par with Devil Wears Prada as a documentary about the fashion industry.

Gaspar O (gb) wrote: I like comedies, I like parodies and I like boobs, but this is a piece of shit. Somewhere there must be an immature for his age 13 year old who thought this was good, possibly a priest, maybe a republican senator...

Lydie D (ru) wrote: Excelllent film franais qui se passe pendant la 2nde guerre. Pas besoin de resumer tout est dit dans le titre. Film Emouvant.

Lemuel M (fr) wrote: Copied oldboy. No originality. tsk tsk tsk

David F (jp) wrote: A humorous and entertaining buddy-road-trip-flick with some wine connoisseurship mixed in. A+.

Teresa V (nl) wrote: I think the movie is very good, and I enjoyed i just as much as the first two.

Jos M (us) wrote: Lo mejor de este intento de thriller ertico es una destapada Julianne Moore y la cachetada que le da a Madonna, zapatero a sus zapatos.

Jose Luis M (fr) wrote: Sci-fi cl sico , pero visto ahora muy ingeniuo parece un captulo de Perdidos en el espacio.

John C (ag) wrote: Well written drama thriller, but seriously why are people so harsh, HATERS OF THIS MOVIE SHALL GET A LIFE. No offense.

Geoff J (gb) wrote: A crushing disappointment considering the talent involved.

Jose Miguel G (us) wrote: Filled entirely with an unsettling sense of gritty frustration, Alan Parker shows his ability to direct a story of desperation, injustice and de grieve for freedom, with a great cast, visuals and a cruel look at the horrors of a Turkey prison.