Dennis the Menace

Dennis the Menace

Mr. Wilson's ever-present annoyance comes in the form of one mischievous kid named Dennis. But he'll need Dennis's tricks to uncover a collection of gold coins that go missing when a shady drifter named Switchblade Sam comes to town.

When his parents have to go out of town, mischievous Dennis Mitchell makes the life of neighbor George Wilson miserable with his overactive energy and inadvertent troublemaking. But in fact, Dennis is just trying to be helpful, even to the thief who's arrived in town. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dennis the Menace torrent reviews

Helen E (es) wrote: A decent ending to the franchise, just what you would expect. The gore is pretty intense!

Rob A (ca) wrote: The movie was not what I expected, but it wasn't a complete waste. The ending feels like it was slapped on, it doesn't really fit in with the whole of the movie. Worth a viewing if you have the chance.

Andreas O (br) wrote: Another entry to the documentory-style horror genre, and one of the better ones I've seen. Kevin Howarth is great in the focus role, and with the filmmakers' eye for details the movie becomes surprisingly chilling at times, in spite of its fairly goofy premise. Sure, once the novelty wears off the film starts to feel drawn out, but the solid production still makes for a good experience. As modern horror goes, here's one that is definitely worth checking out.

Lyle M (au) wrote: Sharp, original and loaded with symbolism that cinema-philes will have endless fun analyzing.

Roger A (au) wrote: Filme instigante pra quem esta afim mesmo de ver algo muito diferente do trivial e se descolar de qualquer possibilidade de indentificaao com a narrativa ou construo muito profunda de personagens ou tramas. Realidade da ficao ou a fico da realidade, uma ou outra cena bate na trave justamente por um exagero que banaliza mas de maneira alguma vai ofuscar a espontaneidade de determinadas cenas documentais de performances fantsticas dos atores, a fotografia com cara de filme caseiro e a veracidade que pretende passar... todos os seus acertos e defeitos fazem o filme valer a pena.

Jeff B (kr) wrote: Absolutely terrible.

Andrew H (it) wrote: Great performance from Dreyfus

Luc A (es) wrote: Good example of a Fellini from his neo-realism period

Byron B (es) wrote: A lot of lost potential here. The poems/clues the murderer/ghost leaves for the detectives are slightly funny. All the jokes are groaners. I might have appreciated the movie more when I was younger. The plot is a mess. Knotts and Conway had partnered in Disney comedies with this type of humor a few times during the 70's. The success of this type of comedy had ended by this decade though.