A suspended cop joins hands with inspector Mahadev Bhonsle to free the city from underworld.

A suspended cop joins hands with inspector Mahadev Bhonsle to free the city from underworld. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gareth M (jp) wrote: At almost 2 hours long it seems a stretch, about a discussion of the art of rap. Ice t ventures from all areas of America, and all different styles.In reality there is probably enough quality to justify a hour, too many pally abstract conversations, self loving, sometimes amusingly so, but it is a rap film after all.Fans of the genre will enjoy, but may leave others bemused

Lenard W (jp) wrote: A proto-feminist and the first actor to write and produce their own sitcom (maybe even the person for creating the sitcom format), Gertrude Berg is a forgotten icon of early television. The transition from the intro to the show outside her window into her living room is still revolutionary. The documentary about Gertrude Berg exemplifies how Hollywood works. During her 1-1/2 year absence while she fought to keep her TV husband who had been named an enemy of the state, American households had forgotten about the Goldbergs when the Ricardos filled the void and transformed into the landmark series it would become.

That Guy C (mx) wrote: I really wanted to like this film. The trailer showed great special effects, a strange environment, and some pretty creative characters, but sadly, this film can't decide if it wants to be a family film or a raunchy comedy. That's where Monkeybone falls flat.The story is a cartoonist named Stu Miley (Brendan Frasier) falls into a coma and ends up in a place called "Down Town" where he is a big celebrity there for his dark paintings before he started making cartoons. Well, he sees many of his creations there like a Cyclops or Minotaur and also Monkeybone. Monkeybone is a crude, rude, and annoying monkey most of the time in Down Town, but he helps Stu try and get back to Julie (Stu's girlfriend) and wants to propose to her. However, Monkeybone ends up knocking Stu out and tricks him by going into the real world taking over Stu's body. Monkeybone's whole goal there is to create nightmares with a "nightmare juice" in order to entertain the creatures in Down Town and also get laid....Henry Selick has made films I love like "Nightmare Before Christmas" and "James and the Giant Peach". Monkeybone looked a little corny and very strange, but I saw it anyways. All I can say is that this had so much potential, but it squanders it when the film focuses in the real world. I really liked when Stu interacted with Monkeybone in Down Town because maybe the monkey could've grown on me with it's sense of humor. I would rather see more of Stu and the wonderfully claymated Monkeybone rather than Brendan Frasier trying to act weird like a monkey in the real world. The movie as a whole gets 2 stars from me for its great visuals/effects and ok characters. This movie tries to be a comedy, but I hardly laughed once. The only thing that was mildly funny is when Stu possesses the Organ Donor (Chris Kattan) and runs around all weird and such. I don't know why I chuckled at it, but I did. The other thing to mention is that this movie feels a bit rushed. It leaves questions that you need answers, but the movie doesn't provide. What is Down Town? Is it a place in Stu's mind? Is it a real place? Who are the other people there? What is the sense of time between the real world and where Stu is? I could go on, but I wont.I understand how some people could like this film and consider it a guilty pleasure. We all have some guilty pleasure films. I just really hated that Monkeybone, the character the movie is named after, is really cruel. It seems like this director wanted to go after a "Beetlejuice" character, but at least Beetlejuice was a bit hilarious. Monkeybone is hardly shown as a monkey and more as Brendan Frasier acting stupid.Also, if you plan on showing this to your kids, please don't. There are some very uncomfortable scenes that I still cannot bare to watch. There is one scene where the dog has a nightmare about being neutered by cat-men..... I wish I was making this up, but I am not.Overall, if you do like seeing amazing visuals and you're a fan of Tim Burton films, you might like this one a bit. The claymation, CGI and costumes are all very well done for the time and still hold up today, but the story is the downfall of this whole film. If Hollywood ever wants to remake a film, I think they could try to fix Monkeybone if they wanted to. Just a suggestion.

Steve S (kr) wrote: Disappointing aniamted adventure about Robinson Crusoe and his stranded time on a deserted island. The animation is colorful, but stiff and the jokes are nearly nonexistant. Could have been fun...but wasn't

Joao M (it) wrote: Mad Max Mostra uma vingana sem escalas,uma atuao mais que perfeita do Mel Gibson e personagens muito bem criados nesse universo muito perfeito de George Miller.

KJ Q (fr) wrote: worst movie ever made!!!!! worse than After Earth, Worse than Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3, worse that the lord of the rings movies and worse than all the star trek movies!!!!!!!!!!! they were not even trying!!!!!! who would want to make a movie about the worse singer ever!!!!!!!??????????????????????

Stephen E (ru) wrote: Freaking golden cast, why am I just not hearing about this?