Dépression et des potes

Dépression et des potes

When Frank is diagnosed with depression, his friends try to cheer him up but soon enough they all discover they are as depressed as him.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:French,Portuguese,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:male rear nudity,  

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Dépression et des potes torrent reviews

Godsif S (fr) wrote: One of tom Hardys best performances, this movie might be utterly insane but truly good work by tom. This movie pressures to show as much detail as possible about Britain most violent prisoner.

James H (us) wrote: Rather cold, the characters don't go very deep, the plot is pretty thin. It has a few decent action sequences, but not much else. Unpleasant and pointless. It seemed much longer than it was.

Jesper S (kr) wrote: Meget bedre end jeg havde regnet med selv om Paprika Steen tydeligvis har lnt lidt hist og her fra andre danske komedier.

Markku R (jp) wrote: Beatiful and elegant film about Fanny Brawne and her love one, John Keats.

Arnaud L (jp) wrote: Very good mainland style Wu Xia Pian. Gritty, good choreography and appealing characters. Probably the best of the new wave of mainland Wu Xia Pian so far.

Adam T (de) wrote: Despite the poor casting, this was not too terrible.

Jerry O (it) wrote: very awkard at times...but the point was clear...distance can change a relationship or friendship

familiar s (gb) wrote: The plot centering on the downfall of a celebrity is as predictable as it can ever get. An extremely typical Madhur Bhandarkar film, meant more for critics than masses. Maybe he had a blow when "Aan - Men at Work" wasn't appreciated by masses, his target audience. Seems like that flop made him get back to his basics. Whatever, but it's getting over-repetitive and repulsive. Can't recommend to try it for yourself for this one. -10/5 (Wish there's a way here negatively rating a film!!!)

Emiliano R (es) wrote: Gran pelcula del cine ruso. Nos hace testigos de cmo vivan los campesinos en la Unin Sovitica de Stalin y cmo los hroes dejan de serlo cundo su popularidad amenaza al rgimen.

Andy H (fr) wrote: Point Break on Rollerblades...with Jacob from Lost and Tee Hee Johnson from Live and Let Die!!

Paulina K (br) wrote: Family comedy, a light movie ..... solid.

Megan S (fr) wrote: It was good enough for a cute old movie. I only watched it because it was included with the 13 ghosts movie. It was terribly campy and predictable but that's the way things used to be I suppose.

Kaarina P (br) wrote: Amazing performance from Meryl Streep. The plot was a bit too laden for me to give it 5 stars. Without the whole sister/brother thing that took it over the top I probably would have given it 5 for Streep's acting alone.

Carol S (au) wrote: What was the point???? Boring.

Rees R (br) wrote: War what is it good for well 109 ms of awesome shit . A childhood favourite.