Der heilige Berg

Der heilige Berg

The dancer, Diotima, meets an engineer and skier, Karl, in his cottage in the mountains where they fall in love and have an affair. When Karl's young friend, Vigo, meets her she gives him ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert H (mx) wrote: I'm not much for documentaries but I do love me some hair metal and Anvil is pure classic hair metal. If the goal of this movie was to get me to buy Anvil CDs... it worked. I'm tracking down the classics right now!Though it is sad to see that a true metal band that all the big names say influenced them immensely, never managed to make it big. When your whole career is but a memory of one big concert when you first started out, it's a sad sad thing.Hopefully the world of the internet and self promotion will bring about some needed recognition and fame.Though ist is sad to see

Rylan P (us) wrote: Not bad just a bit of comedy, gore, horror fun.

cin j (ca) wrote: Bon film mais triste !! ce qui est le pire c'est que c'est une histoire vraie

Stewart W (nl) wrote: Brilliant acting by the asian frat brother!

Bogdan S (kr) wrote: Awesome movie!!! Trashy, campy, sexistic satire, kind of those that I prefer!

Darren R (nl) wrote: The original title was "Tatsuya Nakadai is the Greatest," but Western audiences kept responding with, "Who?"

Michael H (it) wrote: One of Bela Lugosi's better later day roles since he played Dracula in the 1930s, as he once again plays a vampire but this time with a different name (for legal reasons) for Columbia instead of Universal. It's an old-fashioned vampire story (whose time has come and gone) that's set in contemporary England during the London blitz, and plays out as your typical vampire movie (except for the modern setting). It's visually satisfying and well-acted, but too verbose and without a sense of humor. Lifelessly directed by Lew Landers and unimaginatively written by Randall Faye and Griffin Jay, but what helps is Bela Lugosi playing what he does best--a vampire.

David R (kr) wrote: Viggo was good as Freud, but overall it was slow.It was somewhat worthwhile to remind the viewer about the falling out between Freud and Jung.

Daniel T (fr) wrote: A fairly average action movie with a paper thin story. Still enjoyable though so don't let that put you off. If you want a similar film but better get a copy of Dredd

David H (ca) wrote: Nobody seems to like each other in this film, which appears to be why the have so much friction

Bob J (gb) wrote: I created an account just to post this review. Please don't waste your time on this one. I thought this movie would have promise, and I was very disappointed . There will be no spoiler alert, because I walked out with prolly 20 minutes left. I'm just assuming it was a 6 hour movie, but I'm basing that on feelings only. Now, to be serious. I did not give a crap about anyone in this movie.How can a modern hipster with no redeeming qualities be the star of a movie? I don't know either. I live in New York. There are millions of interesting "types" of people, The least interesting of these people would be Advertisers, models, and people who do yoga. In that order. Who are the subjects in this movie? You guessed it... O.k., maybe you're right, we don't need to like the characters in a movie if the story is interesting... Which brings me to my next point. The story, or lack there of, sucked. really... I read once that Roger Ebert once said something like, "If nothing happens in the first 30 minutes of a movie, then nothing will happen." Well Roger, I waited another 30 minutes to no avail. This catharsis is feeling better already. I knew screaming at the people waiting outside the theatre not to waste their money would not be enough. O.K., last thing. This is supposed to be in the near future? So why the dependency on regular cigarettes and cocaine? Couldn't you at least made the cocaine blue? Something? This one was painful. all the tits and sex in the world couldn't help this one.... I