Der Kaiser von Kalifornien

Der Kaiser von Kalifornien

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:1936
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:gold,   california,  

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Der Kaiser von Kalifornien torrent reviews

Cameron K (mx) wrote: Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a webcam girl is like? Me neither, but I'm glad I was able to find out (sort of). Innovative filmmaking and excellent performances by Louisa Krause, and Rod Hill. If your in the mood for an indie film that thinks outside the box, this one is for you.

Alex G (au) wrote: Heartbreaking, horrifying and real. This film forces the viewer on a journey of unpredictable chaos and betrayals. The beautiful slow build culminates into an incredibly powerful experience that will shake the viewer.

Lisa J (ag) wrote: A little dull. Other similar movies were better.

William F (ru) wrote: Another unsuccessful sequel to the 1950 Classic film of Cinderella.

Sandra V (au) wrote: Timothy Olyphant even looks good bald and the action was exciting enough. Also nice seeing Dougray Scott.

Carlos K (ag) wrote: Que buena manera de tocar temas dolorosos y complicados aun en nuestra poca. Muy buenas actuaciones y buena direccin. Muy recomendable.

Mickey M (kr) wrote: The state's skinflint governor (Ed Nelson) claims that the current budget can't allow both police academies to run, so he announces that the two will compete to be the one which remains open. He also announces that the winning academy will be chosen by a committee. "Commandant Mauser" (Art Metrano), who runs one of the two state police academies, will do anything to close the other academy, which is run by "Commandant Eric Lassard" (George Gaynes), so he pursuades two of "Lassard's" own trainers (Brant Van Hoffmann and Scott Thomson) to tell him what is going on at "Lassard's" academy. "Lassard" himself is quite worried about the competition, so he calls for help from his favorite graduating class, lead by the madcap "Sgt. Carrey Mahoney" (Steve Guttenberg). Also returning to the academy are: the weapon-obssessed "Sgt. Eugene Tackleberry" (the late David Graf), the incredibly strong "Sgt. Moses Hightower" (Bubba Smith), the tough and buxom former police academy instructor "Lieutenant Debbie Callahan", the "Human Sound-Effects Machine" "Sgt. Larvell Jones", the soft-voiced "Sgt. Laverne Hooks", and the fairly clutzy "Sgt. Douglas Fackler". With a new group of recruits behind them, "Mahoney" and the crew must fight to keep "Lassard's" long-running academy open no matter what it takes. This is a good follow-up to the last two films in the series, with a few flaws. The cast members from the first two movies have certainly melded nicely. Their timing is pretty flawless with the jokes and gags, and they work well with the new additions to the franchise. The jokes and gags, for the most part, are ones seen in the previous films. However, unlike the "Austin Powers" series, which relies on reused jokes for a laugh, the reused jokes work just as they did in the first film. Plot development moves a little quickly due to the movie being approximately 82 minutes long, which hampers the development of the characters debuting in this film. However, the pace of the film is good. It also hampers the development of the subplots, many of which are just touched upon. Despite the problems, the film is just a fun time where you will only need some knowledge of the previous films when it comes with the characters who appeared in the first two films. It is pretty campy, with no excessive violence you might expect in a cop movie. In my opinion, this would be a good rental for any night of the week.

Shelley S (kr) wrote: Very slow, with an erratic story line. It's only saving grace is the chemistry between the lead actors.

Steve G (it) wrote: Superb film! Has there ever been an actor more consistently awesome in every role than Toshiro Mifune? -- the Japanese John Wayne. Man's men, man's film. The mother deserves a slap.

Michael K (ca) wrote: A gem of a little film. In his final hours, a selfish man finds himself while looking after the safety of a little girl. It's simple and engaging from beginning too end. Well worth your time.