Der Minister

Der Minister

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:satire,  

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Der Minister torrent reviews

Ole J (ru) wrote: This was a vaste of time, its dumb and not even funny, its very corny and only delivers very few fun moments, but mostly it is just bad and the jokes falls to the ground.

Marlon O (gb) wrote: the story technicality was soo "girly baby" to the maximum level, and the overall experience is lesser satisfying compare to the other barbie movie.. yet, the message was soo powerful! and in tyhe end, im pretty satisfied coz my nieces and couzins are enjoy having this movie played for 3 times a day.. hahahaa

Russ B (mx) wrote: 8/22/2015: other than some of the gorgeous girls, this movie was pretty horrible and not have many funny moments.

Daniel M (us) wrote: Great feel good family movie with many comical moments. Great 70's feel as well.4/5

Jeremy A (br) wrote: Another good Japanese film

Mesieur T (au) wrote: There is a lot kuffafuffle in this movie

Plural V (de) wrote: The years Edward Norton was on fire.

eli p (es) wrote: stick staring burt reynolds

Brian S (ru) wrote: It's really a British Godzilla rip-off, there are a lot of the same elements: A giant unstopable lizard fucks up the mains cities of the world, after coming out of the sea. There's nothing really special to it, it's a typical cheesy monster movie of the time. But the special effects though, I have to say that they must've put a lot of work on it and they did actually quite a nice job, for the time of course. And I liked the design of the creature, it's a little creepy. But once thing, the second half and near the end can get a little long, as you're just anticipating for the big end and the monster is doing nothing else then just rampaging the city. But anyways, recommended !!

karen s (ag) wrote: THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY is an exciting WWII film that is based on Kendal Burt's book detailing the real life exploits of Swiss born Franz von Werra, a German pilot who is captured by the British when his plane crashes. Von Werra is played with a muted but still smug swagger by Hardy Kruger,a favorite of mine since SUNDAYS AND CYBELE (LES DIMANCHES DE VILLES D'AVRAY) which won the Oscar for Best Foreign film in 1962. The pilot's sole goal is to be assigned to a POW camp so he can go about the business of escaping, the Brits are more concerned with trying to pry information out of him--even going so far as to suggest that his well-known heroics might be all so much fakery. No go. Finally they give and he's sent to a camp from which he quickly attempts an escape but is just as quickly captured and shipped off to another camp. At the second camp the escape is more organized a la THE GREAT ESCAPE but with much the same results for von Werra. And so it goes until he is shipped off to Canada with other escape prone Germans, where he makes his final bid for freedom. The fact that this film was made so soon after the end of WWII and yet Kruger can still makes us feel so much empathy for his character and genuinely make us hope for him to succeed is a testament to both Kruger as an actor as well as the writers and the director Roy Ward Baker. Don't forget to read the epilogue and find out what happened to von Werra after he left Canada!

jay n (us) wrote: great music wonderful cinematography and powerful movie star performances from the two leads

Robb Z (mx) wrote: Awesome underrated misunderstood film!