Der plötzliche Reichtum der armen Leute von Kombach

Der plötzliche Reichtum der armen Leute von Kombach


An intriguing Hans Christian Anderson-style fairy tale aesthetic and voice over narration. Sudden Wealth is a despairing chronicle of a group of starving peasants who finally seize governmental wealth like a dysfunctional group of Robin Hood's Merry Men, only to be betrayed by their inescapable selves and systematically dehumanized (think bucolic Orwell) and reprogrammed by what we'll put under the rubric of God and Country. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Der plötzliche Reichtum der armen Leute von Kombach torrent reviews

Ru C (br) wrote: proper weird and twisted film, its actually 3 short movies and only giving four stars for the last one, bitch is definitely the best of the 3 took a while to get this out of my head actually but loved the ending! 1st 2 stories were nothing special .

Doctor S (ru) wrote: Comedy with a starring role for Carice van Houten, could be worth a look.

Randy H (au) wrote: This could have been better. The content was truly amazing/startling/scary and the need is without a doubt there to inform people about these travesties of justice. The stories presented were touching to say the least. I believe it all could have been told in a more organized and gripping manner. This should have been an absolute home run, but it missed the mark a little. I think lawmakers should really give this doc a close look to maybe try nip this problem in the bud and maybe to push for more reform to try to prevent these inexcusable things from happening.

Logan G (au) wrote: Disturbing, yet thought provoking, it was hardly bearable in all the right kind of ways.

Nikolas P (it) wrote: Andrea's gone. With that woman.....

Ashley K (ag) wrote: Interesting movie. I feel like it may take more than one watch. Hoffman and Farrow's characters are interesting because I hated both of them over and over again, but then at the ending I kind of liked them. It showed a one night stand in a very interesting manner. The flashbacks and flashforwards were hard to follow at first, but after a while (just like the characters) I got used to it.

Daniel M (gb) wrote: this may just be the worst movie ever. im not sure where the title comes from or why people can get killed by an agry stump like creature that moves about 2mph

Dathathreya K (br) wrote: Best romantic comedy :)

Christina H (us) wrote: Watched: 21 Dec 2014

Tatsuhito K (jp) wrote: It's not terrible and certainly not without charm. It's well-directed, the lead actors are all very likable, and there are some really good laughs. But overall, the story is predictable and disposable, and it is full of dramedy cliches. Laggies is often delightful, but very fluffy.

Kim B (es) wrote: Norton is great, I like Banner alot more than Hulk in this film. Missing the humor of the other Marvel flicks

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Der plötzliche Reichtum der armen Leute von Kombach torrent

Der plötzliche Reichtum der armen Leute von Kombach full movieDer plötzliche Reichtum der armen Leute von Kombach (1971) torrent