Der Schatz

Der Schatz

In and around a bell maker near Marburg (today Slovenia) people tell the story of a treasure that was hidden during the Turki invasion of 1683, the year the Turkish Army was besieging ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jocey D (ag) wrote: I enjoyed this light tale of second chances, love and hope, as much as the locale.

Jignasha P (ca) wrote: I really wanted to watch this movie as Saif was in it :) Buut...the movie didn't meet my expectations. It's a definite watch for kids. Otherwise, the story was ok. Songs are great and acting from both Rani and Saif were well according to the script.

Rachel T (br) wrote: Hmm. It is actually quite difficult to settle upon a rating for this film. Overall, I feel as if it could have been better put together. Parts of the film lacked fluidity. To be sure, I am not remotely bashing the awkwardness of its structure and timeline. I found those elements quite charming. And, above all else, it brought up some very interesting points on the topic of addiction and attraction. I didn't really dig the main character, Caveh Zahedi . I'm not sure exactly why. There was something mildly irritating about him. Yet, I didn't hate him either. In many aspects, Caveh's dimensions fascinated me. His character was extremely well developed. Though the piece had some flaws, I would recommend watching it because it was both interesting and thought provoking.

Tyler R (de) wrote: Was better then I expecting it to be. It was actually kind of funny and had a very well thoughtful message.

Sophie B (jp) wrote: Brother Bear is one of the greatest movies ever created, in my opinion. I genuinely do not understand these reviews! The animation is BEAUTIFUL, the soundtrack is m personal favorite of any movie ever, and the story line is creative and charming. One of my favorite movies - do not listen to these reviews!

joyit n (de) wrote: i like da movies and da songs

Lucila G (de) wrote: interesante para poder entender un poco sobre ETA

Alfredo S (nl) wrote: The action, characters, and dark humor makes up for the ridiculous plot points and the over-the-top acting, which in this case it benefits the film.

Andrea M (es) wrote: This was a hard movie to get through. I had to watch it in a few sittings. Its difficult to tell if the movie and the perspective of Joan Crawford's life is genuine enough to fully make a judgement in how cruel this woman actually was. However, it is a haunting reminder of how families thrusted into the spotlight can be ripped apart though the vain glories of chasing fame and their reliance in the deception of appearances.

Graeme H (de) wrote: Kubrick's first feature-length is exactly that: his first. Simply for completists.

Moore S (au) wrote: As odd as the movie is (especially the director's cut), it is hauntingly entertaining

Scott R (kr) wrote: Great courtroom drama that has tremendous buildup to the trial. Great cast, and Welles gives a great performance with an epic speech that saves the boys from death. Tcm said he only had seven days to get this whole scene shot, and when during the shooting he could not have anyone in his field of vision, and if they were they had to look away to maintain his concentration. Many themes of are touched on including mercy v justice, youthful daring/compulsion, prison v death sentences, cheating the justice system and many more. It was good to say the least.

Carlos M (us) wrote: With a fantastic direction and Oscar-worthy editing, it boasts a brilliant script that combines hilarious comedy, exhilarating action and clever thriller while paying an incredible attention to the smallest details - though too restrained with violence in its climax.

Paul D (ca) wrote: As much as I love both Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader, I thought this movie was very awful! The leads out aside their comedy acts and prove that they can bring talent to dramatic performances, but the script and direction were just beyond painful for me to watch. I did not care about anything that was happening.

Jessica Harper H (au) wrote: cute movie, I love the ending it made me so happy