Der Skipper

Der Skipper

A washed-out German sailor, in a drunken state, agrees to take two British women from Gibraltar to the West Indies in his sail boat. Early into the voyage, they realise that it's not going ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:1990
  • Language:German,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:ocean,   murder,   jealousy,  

A washed-out German sailor, in a drunken state, agrees to take two British women from Gibraltar to the West Indies in his sail boat. Early into the voyage, they realise that it's not going ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yasachandra B (ca) wrote: Really really liked this movie a lot !

Kevin G (nl) wrote: This is probably the worst movie (all-around) that I've ever seen. The sound quality is terrible, the script is atrocious, the acting was sickening (I can't believe Jeff Rector and Billy Drago were in this one -- they can actually act when give decent parts), the soundtrack was forgettable, the sets sucked, and on and on. This is a bad student film that got a great marketer to design the cover -- shit wrapped in gold. Skip this one if you value 90 minutes of your time.

Astrid T (de) wrote: Another trainwreck of characters. Very funny in places, but also somewhat depressing overall. Pretty good character story, though. LOL... I guess I'm not really helping, am I? And Peter - wow - he can really, really play ANYthing. What an ass in this one!

Fabien L (br) wrote: Dull and frankly close to unbearable. Asia Argento's acting is so bad I actually felt embarrassed for her. The movie gradually gets more watchable as Birol ?nel gets more screentime though.

Private U (au) wrote: If you want to make me laugh, quote ANY LINE from the MST3K version. "Good, now you look like Admiral Peary playing the Elephant Man." - "Quick! Let's fold her!" - "Food. Eating. The Theater."

Guillaume H (mx) wrote: Any critics who hasnt read the preriquisite bookS (including the letters to his father) should make sure to go and talk about something else, at the very least. It is extremely coherent and cohesive, critics who missed that.... well they missed a very good occasion to not embarass themselve, its mortifying. This is a special film that exist only in parallel to the work and persona of Kafka and must be approached as such. This movie also gains another layer of visual flair if youve seen Orson Welles' rendition of Kafka's The Trial as it pays great homage to its taut and reckless visual style. There are so many good touches, like putting the gravedigger as a direct reference AND metaphor to Max Brod. To put a sordid horror story at the core of it is not silly; its simply very Kafka. So its not just well directed; its also majorly good and well written, but its adressed to Kafka readers (theres quite a few of them, really)

Jacob F (kr) wrote: seems obscure enough

Ryan H (ag) wrote: The beginning and storyline are so much fun, I just wish that it never dipped into dull moments. If it didn't, this would have easily been one of the best films about dreams. It's so 80's and fun. Dreamscape mixes sci-fi, horror, and comedy so well. The film follows Alex Gardner, a man who has the gift of telepathy. When he was younger these scientists used to experiment on him, then when he was 19 he ran away. Now the same company run by Doctor Novotny (Max Von Sydow) is on the search for Alex because they need him once again. Before they were interested in him because of his strong psychic abilities, this time they want to use him for their new studies; they want to put him in other people's dreams. This is to help them deal with their problems in a subconscious kind of way. The film opens with the president of the US having a nightmare that a woman is running away from a nuclear explosion. We can easily understand the connection this will have with Alex later. Basically the rules are that people die in real life if they die in a dream. When Alex goes into his first dream he almost dies by falling off a beam on top of a construction site trying to save a worker, but wakes up before he dies. The rest of the characters don't have this luxury in the film. The old lady dies because Tommy kills her in her dream and Alex must save the president from the same fate. Before this we also got a scene where Alex saves a little boy from a snake that terrorizes his dreams. Another dream shows Alex almost having sex with a woman who denied him earlier, but this is a dream so it's not big deal, right? And then you have a man who's impotent and discovers he can't get it up because he has an inferiority complex. I think it was between that last dream and the dream where he must save the president is where it got dull. The rest is so damn fun. How many films have a kid who chops a demon snake head off? And Inception must have been inspired by Dreamscape because the last scenes always seem like they are in reality until something crazy happens. I guess what makes the logic holes fine in this is because it doesn't try to be serious or make complete sense. Would one guy really be able to control the FBI, CIA, and everyone else? Would a man who killed his own father really go through a program without anyone knowing that about him? It doesn't matter because if anything these little details are meant to make the audience laugh more. The premise is preposterous and so is the film itself. Dreamscape is loads of fun.

Michael G (gb) wrote: Legitimately one of the best movies I've seen.

Edmund C (es) wrote: A documentary with an important message! Something Dr. Campbell said which figures : "You might say that switching to an entirely plant-based diet sounds extreme, but what about cutting a blood vein from your thigh and grafting it onto your heart (Heart bypass surgery done for heart attack patients) - isn't that extreme?"

Dustin P (jp) wrote: It's funny, but was never quite laugh out loud funny. It also felt like it was borrowing from Futurama a bit. Besides the whole "guy in a pod wakes up in the future" thing, the way people in the future acted was somewhat reminiscent of an episode called "The Day The Earth Stood Stupid" (a bunch of alien brains invade Earth and make everyone but Fry act really stupid). Not saying it was blatant plagiarism, but it did have some common themes from a show that aired about 5 years or so before this was released.

Adrian B (kr) wrote: Not as a strong as "Hour of Wolf" but still quite good, the second Ingmar Bergmann starring Liv Ullman and Max Von Sydow puts them into a civil war situation. Their generally peaceful, secluded lives get caught up in the uproar of the government and rebels and they become surrounded by forces, only to be held captive. They lose everything, including their animals and farm, except for themselves, in the bombs and the generally graphic violence. Well moving chronicle, but also quite confusing at times, a little too fast. Unfortunately, and I can't blame this on the film itself, but it is a turnoff when the Swedish dialogue is dubbed in hideous English, but a couple annoying American actors. I may have to watch it again in Swedish. Not to be confused with the even more graphic "Shame" with Michael Fassbender in 2011.

Luke R (gb) wrote: A really interesting and enjoyable film! Good acting and a very enthralling plot. Non of the over acting or over the top special effects that are ruining a lot of films these days