Der Weg nach Eden

Der Weg nach Eden

"What happens with a person after his death? What does the final destination look like? What happens with our bodies? How are we prepared for our last voyage?" A film on how we deal with ...

"What happens with a person after his death? What does the final destination look like? What happens with our bodies? How are we prepared for our last voyage?" A film on how we deal with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos M (ca) wrote: The darker tone is consistent with the German original tale but it is hard to overlook the problems in this adaptation: the dwarfs totally wasted, a pathetic love triangle that rivals that of Twilight, Bella Swan rapidly turning into a warrior as soon as required by the script, and so on.

Mitchell J (ru) wrote: its a guy movie from start to finish. If you want an adrenaline rush. Watch this.

Kieran L (gb) wrote: Not that great but I could watch Rose Byrne put up wallpaper. Had some good moments but the ending was very silly indeed.

Mike K (jp) wrote: As usual, HBO delivers. B+

Tessa B (kr) wrote: This is one of the most beautiful movies I've ever watched.

Karen M (mx) wrote: i was in this movie, so was alot of my friends, right Shari

Conrad S (au) wrote: Batman: Mask of the Phantasm makes a much better TV special than it does a theatrical film. It's not cinematically written, animated or performed. It screams that you must watch the show before seeing the movie, something I did not. However, I can see why this has developed such a cult fan base, exactly like the show. The respect of the source material is astounding; any fan of the comics can see this taking place in the same world. The twist may be predictable, but the rest of the screenplay is simple and effective. It's nice to watch something that is less than 90 minutes, that doesn't feel rushed, once in a while. I would reccomend this to any lover of the show, and perhaps the most die-hard comic reader, but no one without former knowledge.

Jeff B (kr) wrote: I liked it, but it was very over-dramatic. It was an unusual coming of age story, which allowed it to keep my interest. The picture used for the DVD cover makes Bob Hoskins out to be a psychopath, but his was the most normal and likeable character in the movie--even if he slipped in and out of his real life British accent.

Giselle W (nl) wrote: Though visually interesting, the story felt forced and the characters inauthentic.

Ruben V (es) wrote: Yo that dude could skate

Scott C (br) wrote: A fun 70s time capsule.

Betty T (ag) wrote: I'll write a review about how much I love this movie, but first I'll just go and buy myself a pint of Prospect Park... =D (If you didn't get it, watch the movie!)

Adham H (fr) wrote: Thanks in large to the convincing performances of its leads, and despite the incoherent story elements, this is a good movie about running away to be somebody you're not, and finally growing up.

Rangan R (us) wrote: A 40 year old letter and the road to redemption.First of all, the director proved the script is very important to a film's success. He wrote it, basically he's a screenplay writer who had written many great stuffs and this film is his first directional venture. He excelled it by picking the right stuffs for the project. As the great actors on-board, it was shot in the fine locations and the music was wonderful. It should have been a dream coming true for him, for a great project to work with.The dialogues were so brilliant like the poems. I'm sure you won't end watching it without having fun because there were many small-small jokes attached everywhere. It was inspired by the real story of a person, but I think they have made some changes for a cinematic translation, hence it is not a biopic.Mainly it revolves around 4-5 characters and the cast were amazing in their respective roles. Especially the Al Pacino, without him this film would have not been this much exciting. If you're an his ardent fan, you will going love this from your heart and others as well find it a beautiful drama-music. He was nominated for Golden Globe Awards for his excellent title role display. A very appropriate film for him for his age.You know in this era, film fans are looking for what superhero film is going to hit the screen, a heartwarming film like this is what makes them realise still there's a hope for small scale films. Only if they're a welcoming type. Especially for the yesteryears actor who are physically can't compete with the young generation actors, films like this is a breather.This is a tale of an aging star singer who one day discovers a letter written for him by an another great singer of his generation when he was yet to taste the success. 40 years later, that mean now he decides to quit his music tour and begin to trace his family for the unfinished business. So the remaining narration reveals lots of inspiring and heartbreaking events. "If I am going to find any kind of redemption, I can't waste any more time."Life as a singer, especially being old and seeking redemption won't quite end as expected. Over the 40 years of addiction to drugs, booze and women, a self-discovery sail begins. In an unpredictable world, anything might happen and so this man's journey tells the impact on the family he's going to meet. It is not just about facing the one who he had abandoned long ago and now trying to fix it, but in reality, life is not easy, especially family means lots of commitment and choosing the best for it should be priority where this film opts that root to reveal a story.It is almost a good family film, but for the theme the drug parts were essential, so that changed its rating. The sub-plots like how he tries to win a date add more on the romance side of the tale. Kind of predictable because of the heartwarming drama, but differences were made from the twists in the narration. Not of that breathtaking kind, just developed to have a fresh aspect an the well known theme. Especially the ending was so simple yet very cool.As usual Bobby Cannavale was in a supporting role, but it was kind of different. He shined like a star, he appeared in a well noticeable character than ever. Along with Jennifer Garner, his performance in the film covered an important portion. So it is not just Al Pacino, these guys as well deserves to be appreciated for their contribution. A film that kind of resembles the recent 'Ricki and the Flash', except it was a male version. A product like this hard to come by, so consider to check it out. That means I'm recommending it.9/10

Paul Z (ca) wrote: Known for crowd-pleasing stories with definite heroes, underdogs overcoming odds and surrogate fathers, it's ironic that John G. Avildsen's breakthrough came with a film that asks the kind of questions that mainstream film wouldn't ask for awhile yet about the impartial portrayal of racists, junkies and gritty urban living. And it does only ask these questions. It doesn't answer much. Its over-the-top climax is a taut little shocker that eschews winding down for a gaping stunned gaze on your face, but as much as it leaves you pondering where the characters all went wrong, the scenes leading up to it don't quite seem to have led there without major, sudden contrivance. The death of an insignificant, drug-dealing junkie loser would be less than probable to be headlined on an NYC TV news program, let alone front page news in an NYC newspaper. Yet because these implausible things implicitly happen, Joe (played stunningly by Peter Boyle), while ranting in a bar, overhears and somehow recalls the name of another customer who fleetingly and facetiously says he's killed a hippie. Days later, Joe not only remembers the man's very general name but is able to track him down, apparently since he's the only person of the name Bill Compton listed in the whole phonebook for a city of several million people. Nevertheless, this movie wants you to think about the implications of its dialogue, the contrast between two men of different classes, and mainly the war between generational values. It's the kind of movie that gets articles written about its perceived commentary on its time, and works as a time capsule for audiences of my generation, forty years later. The film's credited with birthing the "vigilante film," wherein characters violate the law to exact justice, rooted in 1970s anxiety toward government corruption, failure in Vietnam, increased crime. These movies point toward the climbing political orientation of neo-conservatism, men who believe good and evil to be cut-and-dried and legal bureaucracy to be elite nutlessness, so they play judge, jury and executioner. Joe and Bill are two of these sorts, but their crusade is not by any means lionized. Their holy war against the counterculture scene catches them off-guard, such as when they make love with some hippie girls, where we see body shame equated with older, more purist generations and upper classes, and the other extreme of exhibitionism seen as social equality. Yet no young character trusts or even likes any older character, and vice versa. The American flag on the poster art of this film indeed deserves higher billing than the main cast, because more than a portrait of Joe or Bill, the movie's a bleak silhouette of the country, at odds with itself, its famous Dream turned sour. This is an inherently fascinating concept. Avildsen would return to it just a few years later in his masterpiece Save the Tiger, which would swing for the bleachers. Here, however, he and writer Norman Wexler seem more concerned with their heavy dependence on sensationalist advertising and broad, lurid overstatement of theme, despite the intrinsic quality of their film. There's so much more about the '60s, '70s generational gap that goes untapped here---Molotov cocktails and sniper fire in response to multicultural textbook curriculums, racial integration in its infancy, homosexuality still considered a mental illness---instead merely concerning older traditional fuddy-duds and younger radical stoners with their dispositions towards sex, drugs and violence. I thought I'd appreciate this movie immensely. Save the Tiger firmly grasped the perceived moral dilemmas of the era, punctured stereotypes that clenched many into angles where they couldn't---still can't---comprehend the people with whom they share their society, or truly grasp the dichotomies that make up the layers of daily life. Joe seems to be even more about such things than that film. Instead, I found its moments of violence, at the beginning and end, to be done with a mawkishly exploitative edge with superfluous percussion-driven music and repetitive editing undercutting the impact. I found myself admiring the occasional scene of dialogue but finding most of them hard to buy, especially those where Bill takes Joe through his upper-crust world to show him how fake his peers are. Nevertheless, resulting from the national media coverage of the Stonehead Manor murders that inspired its climax, Joe snagged a Straight From The Headlines asset upon release. Without the murders, it's unlikely that this low-budget exploitation film would've found a wide audience, which instead it did, earning millions in domestic receipts. Furthermore, it's likely that the similarities between the real-life murders and the movie's dog-eared premise inspired the Academy to nominate Wexler's passable screenplay for an Oscar. It's also likely that the wider audiences helped launch newcomers Avildsen, Boyle and Sarandon. And that's not such a bad thing.

Alexandra D (kr) wrote: The movie was ok. It would have been better if they hadn't portrayed the men as disposable dancing monkeys. I had a hard time overlooking that story line choice. I'm all for showing strong intelligent females, but we don't need to debase our males in the process. I regret not asking the dad with his kids sitting beside me what he thought. Anyways - I will never watch this film again.

Brandon W (ru) wrote: The Possession is one of those films that I was excited to see, and then it just turn out to be disappointing. It could've been better, knowing about a dybbuk box, and the thing is about it, when it does talk about it, it's the most interesting part in the movie. Not only was that the best part, but the exorcism scene was also the best part despite some unintentional laughs. Speaking of those, there was a lot of those in here which is not a good sign. The Possession just felt like your everyday horror film despite the scares that are either lacking or just not that that effective. The acting is all right although Jeffery Dean Morgan and the main girl were good in this. It was boring, and the editing is bad which gives some laughs in it. It reminded me of The Exorcist a lot though, and not in a good way. there can be a good horror film about the dybbuk box, but The Possession just isn't it.