When two married business executives having an affair are blackmailed by a violent criminal, they are forced to turn the tables on him to save their families.

Charles is worn down by his home life where he and his wife struggle to cope with the demands of their daughter's illness and his job. When he meets Lucinda on the train to work in Chicago, there is an immediate spark between them. Soon they are doing lunch; dinner and drinks follow. This leads to an adulterous rendezvous in a hotel. However, no sooner have they torn each other's clothes off than their room is invaded by a thief who beats Charles and rapes Lucinda. Because of the illicit nature of their relationship, Charles agrees with Lucinda who is reluctant to go to the police and soon finds he is powerless to resist the demands of the thief. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carol H (us) wrote: Most boring rom-com ever. Nothing entertaining happens. It's all just two people walking and talking.

Christian S (nl) wrote: Un film gauchiste qui encourage l'aides aux immigrants clandestins en France. Mais sans grande histoire, et qui montre la dtresse des personnages!

Paul M (es) wrote: Being a Martial artist for over twenty years, I even learned something here. I absolutely loved this documentary for it's subject matter as well as how it was documented. Highly recommend.

leigh j (ru) wrote: if you like hearing erotica and seeing it would be a good one.

Ifiok O (ca) wrote: So it's not in the same league with the original, since the ending to that one made it a cult classic, and you are already well acquainted with who Angela is. But this second movie does have a generous amount of blood, gore, boobs, dumb jokes, and creative kills to satisfy gore hounds. In other words, it's a textbook slasher horror movie, with extra cheese. The film even tries to reference other slasher movies, but that only reminds viewers that those films are actually better than this is.

Anshul T (ru) wrote: A bollywood version of Shakespeare's comedy of errors. One of the best comedies to come out in the eighties. Sanjeev kumar and Deven Verma bond like a house on fire. Moushami Chatterjee and Deepti Naval also play their part. MUST Watch!

Andrew G (it) wrote: When JCVD is the best actor in a movie and he has about three lines of dialogue, you know there's a problem. But on some level you have to appreciate the sensory overload of '80s cheese on display here.