Deranged High

Deranged High

A surreal satirical comedy based on the lives of teachers & students where chaos evolves all in one day.

A surreal satirical comedy based on the lives of teachers & students where chaos evolves all in one day. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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MF J (ag) wrote: A little indy flick with a great cast but a lazy story & lots of flaws. It could have been much better & way more crazy but probably the inexperience of Gomez as a director makes this falls flat. too bad cuz with such a cool cast i expected something biting & nervous....

Jacob M (ca) wrote: One of my absolute favorite Disney films. The story of Tarzan is one that has been told a million times, but not with the same amount of heart that this one has. The pure emotion that the animated face of the titular character gives is breath taking. For a character with few lines the audience feels connected to him the most on just facial features and body language. The vocal talents all give great balance to one another. For the quiet Tarzan he is paired up with the boisterous tantor and other wild buddies to play off of. I can't recommend this film any higher to animation lovers across the globe.

Gordon R (au) wrote: Drag queens go on an adventure and get stuck in a small town. Guess what happens next? They change everyone in the town! Yawn!

Steve W (de) wrote: This movie almost put me to sleep. Akira Kurosawa is one of the greats in terms of cinema directors, but his final film is a boring swan swan about a Professor and there is literally a subplot about a lost cat. I didn't enjoy and I regret watching it completely.

Wilma R (es) wrote: A strange, yet greatly intriguing film that focuses on a family's heartbreak after the loss of their youngest child. What seems to make the family's endurance even more complicated is his apparent resurface, several years later. One question remains even after finishing the film: is this the real Olivier?

Aiel L (us) wrote: i love this movie, make me cry

Alex F (au) wrote: Why isn't this movie more popular? Excellent thriller.

Alexander H (mx) wrote: It is movies like these that tell us why Vampire movies are meant to be serious. In all retrospect, you may find those few people that gain entertainment from a 400 year old countess nipping at a Virgin's crotch to stay young forever.

Lou S (kr) wrote: Hey guys, if you take the T off the end of his name, he becomes Dave Chappelle!