Derby Dogs

Derby Dogs

Ben secretly enters the local soapbox derby with a rag-tag group of friends to best school bullies.

Ben secretly enters the local soapbox derby with a rag-tag group of friends to best school bullies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Roy C (fr) wrote: Did they forget what happened in the last one?

Sian B (us) wrote: I don't know how people who aren't from New Zealand would find this movie, but i thought it was spot on

Keenan S (fr) wrote: Initially, I was very apprehensive about watching this film when I saw who the director was: Jon Avnet. This is the same director who shat out the abomination called 88 Minutes, which, at the time of this review, is still one of the ten worst films I've ever seen because of how utterly incompetent and horribly boring it was. Thankfully, what I got instead was an underrated gem of a film. Red Corner is an intriguing courtroom drama about an American accused of murdering a woman he had a one night stand with while in China. The plot covers his battle with the frustrating legal system of the country and how he and his lawyer try to figure out what really happened in that hotel room. I found myself riveted and engaged by the plot and I was always wanting to know what would happen next. It kept me guessing and I had an absolute blast with this film. While there are some rather implausible moments (How does Richard Gere escape from motorcycle cops on a bicycle?), I was mostly able to ignore such minor flaws and go along for the ride this film provided. Red Corner is a thoroughly underrated film from a director whom I don't expect much of anything good from. I think Red Corner is an excellent courtroom drama that is worth giving a shot.

Kosuke H (ca) wrote: As simple as the plot may be, this film captures truly genuine and uplifting tale of purity that every human being once passed through.

Mark R (kr) wrote: I think I liked it because it had molly ringwald in it

Georgios L (nl) wrote: One of those films that demand a second viewing. There is so many thing happening, its almost as if you are there watching it rather than watching a film.