Derek, in chronological order, records the work and life that stands at the foot of Derek Jarman's humour and spirit of being an artist. The filmmaker and actress, Isaac Julien and Tilda Swinton respectively, have produced and narrated a film on his life whereby the use of language is perpetuated to give some type of palpable meaning to British audiences alone, and to their own personal relationship with him.

A film involving two courageous and innovative artists-one the subject and one the filmmaker-provides a cinematic journey that illuminates the work and enduring importance of the late Derek Jarman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amanda F (ru) wrote: Don't waste your time with this movie. The plot is practically nonexistent and the acting is atrocious. It was impossible to empathize with any of the characters, I found myself hoping that they would die. You shouldn't find yourself saying "Finally" once all of the protagonists are dead.

Dathan R (br) wrote: not as good as the show.

MANISH Y (it) wrote: humour with sense, rare combination in hindi movies. good one

Dave H (de) wrote: It took me a long while to get on the Stargate bandwagon. I saw the original feature film when it was first aired on HBO, but I never got around to watching the pilot for this series, the 10 year run or either of the two straight to DVD films. That is until last summer. This is the second, and currently final, straight to DVD film based on Stargate SG-1, the longest running Sci/Fi TV series in American history. The final story arc had been wrapped up in the first film, so this was able to go back and just tell a good Stargate tale. The acting was as good as it had been in the 9th and 10th seasons of the show, which was still good, but not as good as it had been during the first 8 seasons of the show. The story and the directing were as good as could be expected from a 99 minute story, or essentially a double episode that wasn't tied to any other pre-existing storylines. All in all, this was good, not great.

Mika P (jp) wrote: Parempi kuin odotin hakaten 6-0 ainakin Koivusalon ja Plsen elmkertakyhelmt.

Dennis F (kr) wrote: Loved all of the scooby doo movies, and the different takes on the main characters, plus different plot ideas than the original ideas -

Elaine M (nl) wrote: Pride overcomes sense for Bill Janison, for whom nothing comes of persisting attempts to provide for his family after the death of his wife, and unwilling to accept help, he watches his own children become physically and mentally unwell. Tiresomely uneventful drama, with no real plus-points besides a neat performance from the always perfect Jena Malone (whose character however is drillingly boring!). It's alright, but really you have better things to do than watch weak empty dramas like this...

Freeman M (jp) wrote: Good? God, no, but it's a relatively harmless family comedy that's nowhere near as awful as the reviews suggest.

Troy M (jp) wrote: A must see Gay Flick.

Ryan F (ag) wrote: Interest way on present of love from a Man and Woman

Ken S (gb) wrote: One of Peter Bogdanovich's earliest successes was adapting the novel "The Last Picture Show" into a very good coming of age film in the New Hollywood era. Years later he and many of the original cast returned to adapt the sequel to that book, "Texasville." It is not as cohesive a story, it meanders too much with no real focus or theme (other than mid-life crises and everyone being an adulterer I guess)...and it just isn't that good really, despite some great performances. Bridges is great, Shepherd is good...Annie Potts is really good in this (she is really an underrated actress)...I just never connected with this one. It felt very average, even without the comparison to the first film, this just felt like a movie with no purpose.

Joey M (ag) wrote: The movie fit the role of a cheesy horror movie from the 70's but they tried too hard to make it into a regular horror film. Even if it wasn't meant to, the movie was meant strictly for. entertainment. Most of the dialogue throughout the movie had nothing to do with the plot and was generally not interesting. Good movies have dialogue that builds up the story and helps it flow through. There are also too many awkward silences in the beginning of the movie which made me get bored of the movie. The only strength the movie had is the set and costume. It went along with the 70's theme. The movie starts off really slow and then the last 25-30 minutes has all the action in it. The spiders show up in random spots in large amounts which also ruined the movie. To go along with that, tarantulas can't even spin webs which takes away the factual element. The film lacked continuity which is a key part in any movie and all it does is make it look stupid. The end of the movie, or lack of, is the type of ending you never want to have. The abrupt ending, which is a drawing, with no plot being solved, was the topping on the cake to a terrible all around movie.

Martin (ca) wrote: The original story like in most of the old westerns but it doesn't make it bad. It just doesn't make it that extremely good either. Burt Lancaster is good though.

Richard S (nl) wrote: Excellent Stanley Kramer film. I especially like Simone Signoret acting job.

John P (kr) wrote: Just awful in every way.

Tea R (kr) wrote: Film je uzasno smijesan. Toliko trash comedy scena da ne povjerujes, a jos onako zgodan Johnny, uf! Ovo je skroz dobro bilo za rano nedjeljno popodne.