Derek and Clive Get the Horn

Derek and Clive Get the Horn

A documentary recording the making of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore's comedy album Derek and Clive Ad Nauseam.

Russell Mulcahy (of "Highlander" fame) films British comedy luminaries Peter Cook and Dudley Moore recording their last comedy album featuring two of their most beloved characters, lavatory... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Derek and Clive Get the Horn torrent reviews

Sarah P (ca) wrote: Enticing & excellent acting. This is t.v. at it's Best!If Lifetime does not pick up this series... FX Network should.

Jesse O (us) wrote: Somehow, this film reminds me of a French version of In The Loop. I don't think this film comes close to that, but I'm somewhat reminded of it. I quite liked this film however with its lunacy and chaotic approach to these group of people trying to do whatever they can in order to avoid setting off a third world war, it's clear this film is set prior to the start of the Iraq war in 2003, but the names of some of the countries are fictionalized. The film also satirizes the fact that Taillard isn't really the brains of the operation but Claude is and Taillard is really more of a figurehead, a charismatic leader in troubled times. The scene that highlights this the most is the scene where Claude is making phone calls in order to avoid setting off a conflict between countries while, at the same time, Taillard is complaining about the highlighters he is given not being good enough. I don't think I'm doing justice to this scene because Taillard goes on an rant of epic proportions. He will just not shut up about his highlighters. There's also another scene that highlights this, but this time Taillard isn't ranting about anything incredibly stupid, so it's not as memorable. But Taillard, with all his grandstanding, his lunacy, the chaos he causes around him, sending papers flying EVERY time he comes in the room, isn't exactly a useless man with no leadership capabilities. He calms down a potentially volatile situation with his charisma and presence, and also chooses to help Vlaminck to help save a family that is about to be expelled/deported (I don't know which) from his girlfriend's school. So he's not entirely useless. The film is certainly satirical, it shows off the completely chaotic world that Vlaminck finds himself in, the chaos that goes along with that sort of job. And I can somewhat imagine it being like that, which is why I wonder why ANYONE would take a job that's clearly very stressful. Going all over the place, having to redo a speech 15 times because Taillard isn't satisfied with it, the stress that must come along with being in power as a war is about to start and how you do everything to keep that from happening. Quite a stressful job. The acting is excellent, Thierry Lhermitte, as Taillard, absolutely steals the show in literally every scene he appears in. He was incredibly convincing in the role and he just has that presence that makes him a believable politician in the film. The rest of the cast is quite good actually, but this is all about Thierry Lhermitte and he certainly delivers the goods. I can't really complain about the film, it offers some really good laughs, but I think it drags a little bit in some parts. Outside of that, this is a very good political satire. Perhaps not quite In The Loop, but pretty damn good regardless.

Russell G (us) wrote: Dave Grohl must have learned a great deal from James Moll during the making of the documentary Foo Fighters: Back and Forth. This time Grohl not only tells the story, but steps behind the camera as the director. Grohl shows skill and makes a seemingly insignificant story interesting. The film tells the tragic, yet glorious tale of the Sound City Studios in Los Angeles. Against the odds, a seemingly a rundown sound studio in a former manufacturing facility produced several classic rock n roll albums. Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Neil Young, Rick Springfield, and Slipknot recorded watershed albums there. The film walks through the formation and history of the studio and explains a great deal about the process of making a recorded. It also comments on how different the process is today, not necessarily for the better. It is almost a perfect documentary, but the end drifts into the making a reunion album involving collaborations of various artists who recorded at Sound City. The resulting music from that album is nice, but watching the making of the reunion album is less interesting. It is still a very well made documentary with tons of great interviews. Any fan of rock music from the 70s-90s will love it.

Ryan M (kr) wrote: Uber popular Dutch soap star (Kamerling) leads this unique psychological thriller about the pain of loving a woman with mental illness. The story centers around the tension her suspicion and jealousy creates in the relationship. Over time, it becomes clear that the young woman is ill, and details Kamerling's attempts to end the relationship without pushing her over the edge. The story is told in flashback during an outing with friends (in the dutch countryside? lol) Interestingly, Kamerling suffered from depression and committed suicide in 2010. This was his finest work, and his best effort to shake the stigma of television acting.

Atheer O (es) wrote: One of the best action movies I ever seen.

Jamie C (ag) wrote: Kind of felt let down by this, It had the story and cast to be great but it just seemed to drag on and there wasn't allot on offer and when the pace did pick up it wasn't anything great but it's gory and dark so it's not all bad.

Lily F (kr) wrote: entertaining for a B movie

Alexandra O (ag) wrote: I enjoyed this movie, I don't think many other people would though.

Matthew L (kr) wrote: Strong performances and a haunting story give rise to a powerful movie.

Shantel D (us) wrote: I thought this was fantastic. Jeremy Irons can do no wrong, and this kind of film is his best vehicle. It was sad and lovely. You should see it.

Lee C (ag) wrote: Despite its slightly unbelievable premise, an excellent drama with a fine central performance from Keaton, channeling his manic persona into something a little more bruised and fragile. Good supporting roles for Kathy Baker and Morgan Freeman, too.

Larry Y (ag) wrote: Hard to sit through since the British actors can't keep their American accents straight.

Issac Michel N (au) wrote: Not as good as Rocky Horror.

Jodi E (br) wrote: One of my very favorite films of all time. Made a huge impression on me when I was young.

Evan K (es) wrote: It's bland for only being one thing, a showcase for a utopia but at the same time the film is fun and beautiful. I love the political messages thrown in, not as an afterthought but as an unspoken truth found in much of Ishiro Honda's work that makes him less of the art director than the blockbuster. Anyway, this film is great, cute and fun and corny with lots of slams on Americans done in subtle ways.

Graham J (us) wrote: Good sequel but a tad ridiculous in places.

Gimly M (mx) wrote: Director Shane Meadows has not disappointed me yet, and the classic revenge tale of Dead Man's Shoes is no exception.Could have done with a bit better sound mixing though.

Alex S (au) wrote: More fun than the original.

Lee M (fr) wrote: Gardner puts the monsters in the background while he concentrates on the growing difficulties between the two friends.

Tommi W (au) wrote: Coulda been great without the gloss and the two dimensional Beyonce...some great music though...