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Nikolai E (mx) wrote: This is a concert film, the best one I've ever seen in my admittedly limited experience of the subject, but while you're watching it it's almost impossible to tell whether the film is more interested in filming a live performance or telling a simple, genuine, naturalistic love story. The film is all about a mood, the feeling of a very specific time and place, the feeling of being in an important and meaningful moment and fighting to hold onto it and make the most of it, but the more you fight, the more it slips away. More than anything, it feels like Toronto. Our local film industry does not often distinguish itself, but the fact that we have storytellers as proficient and skillful as Bruce McDonald and Don McKellar is something for which I am eternally grateful.

Valeria P (fr) wrote: Bitter sweet comedy about a middle-aged Italian man stuck in the city during the summer holiday with his elderly mother. Poor Gianni ends up with a "grandma summer camp" on his hands. However, that is nothing that a nice glass of Chablis can't cure, and by the end of the movie, he realizes he's not that miserable after all in his new role.

Sunil C (ca) wrote: Big film... If u like international films I recommend this 1. A man on a mission.

Adam W (kr) wrote: Despite a good cast this film is cinematic faeces.Theres just nothing going on the whole film. Its slow, its boring and its 2 hours long.Valkyrie is a massive disappointment, a film with plenty of talking and thats it.

SV G (au) wrote: Just an amazing approach to art using the earth and all things natural. Artist Andy Goldsworthy is followed in this documentary showing his unique and often breathtaking artwork that ties art and man and life and it's meaning together. All the beauty we walk by and very often don't notice Andy brings to light. A gorgeous film I think most would enjoy.

Jackson S (jp) wrote: One of Disney's best fairy tales, enduring for it's subtle, eloquent, and yet charmingly spunky aesthetic, gets botched by a commercial disgrace.

Matthew S (de) wrote: While there are a number of flaws, this film remains a powerful experience. It also a very sad reminder of all the could have been regarding River Phoenix.

Steve S (us) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***

Byron B (nl) wrote: nominated for best picture by NBR

Eric E (es) wrote: When originally released this film was over 3 hours long, and opened to disastrous reviews. Took Capra over 2 years to make, and then was shortened and chopped to versions 95 to 120 minutes long. The "restored version" tries to keep intact as much as the original, and still seems lengthy, in this odd but intriguing film. Idealistic in its presentation, falls just short of being a classic.

Dnl W (br) wrote: Chug a glass of tomato-based diarrhea, critics. See that audience score? 85% liked it. You're just afraid of being ridiculed by your peers at the next critic convention if you don't vote with the majority. Also... critic...really? What credentials make one a "critic", oh that's right, being a jaded baby.

Leonardo Malacay S (it) wrote: Parsito espacial que puede apoderarse de la tierra, un buen argumento

Lori B (mx) wrote: Couldn't get through it, to be honest.