Derrick - Die Pflicht ruft!

Derrick - Die Pflicht ruft!

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Derrick - Die Pflicht ruft! torrent reviews

Jay A (fr) wrote: Well-told true story of a struggling young, homeless guy with a drug problem who comes across a cat that changes his life. A life-affirming story. If you love cats, this is your movie.

Mike N (mx) wrote: The biggest problem I had with this movie is that I didn't find any of the characters likeable. I found them all to be scumbags which completely ruined the movie.

Graham W (au) wrote: See, I don't just like arty-farty, blood, gore and superhero flicks!

David W (es) wrote: One of the better WWE films movies.

Matthew G (it) wrote: Lee Han-gyu (Song Kang-ho) is a National Intelligence Service agent who loses his job following his failure to prevent the assassination of a North Korean defector and capture his murderer. Ji-won (Kang Dong-won) is new to the group responsible for the assassination. In his first mission, he gets into an argument with group leader Shadow (Gook-hwan Jeon), who then marks Ji-won a traitor, but, like Shadow, escapes with his life. Six years later, both Lee Han-gyu and Ji-won are working different jobs. Lee Han-gyu, now a private investigator who tracks down runaway mail order brides, bumps into Ji-won at a construction site, where Ji-won works alongside Vietnamese immigrants. Lee Han-gyu, recognizing Ji-won, formulates a plot to capture him and turn him in for the reward. He offers Ji-won a job that Ji-won eventually accepts and we follow the two as they spy on each other and, at the same time, grow closer. The fact that this movie stars Song Kang-ho was its biggest draw for me, but I'm also very interested in relations between North and South Korea, which made Secret Reunion a must-see. On top of that and in addition to starring as Lee Jang-gil in Shiri (1999), Song Kang-ho was excellent as Sgt. Oh Kyeong-pil in my favorite film dealing with the North Korea issue: Joint Security Area (2000). It's probable he has been in more films on the topic than any other actor. In many ways, Secret Reunion turns out to be more or less the same film as Joint Security Area and Welcome to Dongmakgol (2005). Each expresses the deep South Korean desire for reconciliation with their northern neighbor. It's clear this is a topic of great importance to the average South Korean because all three of these films are among the highest grossing South Korean films of all time. At present, Secret Reunion is the highest grossing Korean film this year. There's this unfortunate tendency for films dealing with serious topics to meet with automatic critical acclaim, especially with Holocaust-themed films in the United States. I did not like Welcome to Dongmakgol, though I may be lynched for admitting it. Likewise, I could not see anything to get excited about in Secret Reunion, which follows a predictable formula. I mean, who honesty didn't expect Lee Han-gyu and Ji-won to become chums? The reality is Joint Security Area takes this same basic concept and executes it in an infinitely more effective manner. Furthermore, what was with the couple lines of Vietnamese dialogue in this film? The pronunciation was atrocious and, I can assure you from a superabundance of personal experience, you're not going to learn Vietnamese simply from working among them. Song Kang-ho's performance was as epic and flawless as ever, but it wasn't enough to carry the weight of all 116 minutes of this film for which I had such high expectations. That said, it's still worth a watch, but you won't be missing too much by not seeing it either.

Narec H (ag) wrote: ?? ? ?? ??? ` ? ?? ? ?:

Nathan A (fr) wrote: I would have liked the movie to be 30 minutes or so longer, to explore more of the fascinating backstory of the city and the people's way of life.

Phillip M (au) wrote: Even though it's not an excellent film, it's still good enough for my DVD collection. great genre film with an original story-line. Music video editing, fast-speed hand-held camera movements to see we're disappointing but there are perfectly framed, dark-lit scenes we're awesome (Mark and James' first call to the killer). did like the Brian Trenchard-smith reference (crossbow). Original story-line but reused editing skills. does have an okay soundtrack

Amanda M (gb) wrote: Sounds interesting. Might check it out.

Mike L (es) wrote: A really cheap creature feature that's just too slow and low budget to be worth the time...

TheLords A (ru) wrote: Now this is a strange but interesting film to me. my Post-Production teacher showed me the intro in the beginning of class one day early in the fall semester at film school. from there i eventually decided to borrow it from the library and take a look. Plot: It's the story of an isolated family, the Munns which consists of the restless teenager, Chris, his father John, and his younger brother Tim. Things begin to change when John's brother Dell comes to claim the gold coins from John that he got from their father. Now again this is a very strange movie for two ways. one way is because of the editing which i will get to, and the second is how a lot fo things are put into this movie that do not make sense. The best example is the very beginning of the film that introduces Chris' recklessness (don't worry about what i'm going to explain because this doesn't have anything to do with the story of the film at all) it starts out showing that he has this girlfriend, and one day he decides to break a window in her father's house. he waits a while looking at he through the broken window before he runs. Her father storms outside of the house swearing at him and then takes a moment to shoot two Yosemite guns in the air, and then chase him with his dogs. Eventually the police get involved and they begin to chase Chris going through mud piles and just all around acting like it's a chase in the middle of a city even though they are all living in a very small town in Georgia. during the chase, Chris steps on an nail on some wood right through his foot and decides to use a brick to bend the nail so that he can keep running with the nail & board still in his foot. and eventually the chase ends with Chris, for no clear reason, goes to a pond, grabs a rope and swings into the pond. it sounds very messed up but in a way it's interesting at the same time. Acting: nothing particular to say. Generally no one had any big expressions or anything which wasn't necessarily bad but it did help prove the movie to be very strange. Music: there was not a lot of it. and even when there was, it was very quite through and through. Editing: Now this is where the movie was also strange. throughout the film, there were point were a particular shot is repeated, colors temporarily changed or the frame freezes as a way of changing scenes. most of this only happens in the beginning but it still generally happens. and that is my review for Undertow

Ed C (jp) wrote: One line summary: Amy investigates the war between Pinhead and Winter, plus her own demons.----------------------- The picture starts out in a large, run down flat in London which contains several abusers of alcohol and drugs. The mostly blocked daylight slowly stimulates wakening. Amy takes a few last snaps, and turns off her sound recorder. She leaves to go to the offices of a publication, 'London Underground'...after some considerable cleanup, that is. When she goes to meet her boss, Charles Richmond, the scent of patchouli oil precedes her. Amy and Charles have known each other for quite some time. Charles shows her a tape about 'deaders,' then gives her a new assignment concerning the accuracy of the tape. The tape has what at first seems to be a snuff film. A young woman shoots herself in the head with a heavy pistol. She seems quite dead. Winter, the leader of the forsaken-looking 'youth' that watched the head shot gives her mouth-to-mouth and the stricken woman revives. The envelope containing the tape had a return address. Charles sends Amy to Bucharest, Romania, where all the 'cool' Euro trash go for thrills. ('Amsterdam is so 90s.') Amy finds the return address in Bucharest. She finds the exact flat, discovers a body dead by suicide, a scrapbook of disturbing photographs, a puzzle cube, next steps to investigate, and a plea for help. Later, when she is in private, she runs her hands over the puzzle cube, and gets her first (hallucinatory) encounter with Pinhead after opening it partially. She keeps looking, then runs afoul of the local gendarmes. Charles bails her out, then exhorts her to keep after the story, again back in Bucharest. When she continues the investigation, her hallucinations get much worse. She manages to witness the act of 'resurrection.' She has her first chilling conversation with Winter, and gives him the puzzle cube. Winter claims he is trying to recover his inheritance. He attempts to recruit her in his war against Pinhead since she can open the puzzle cube. Pinhead, on the other hand, sees Winter (a descendant of the puzzle box's creator) as an interloper in his domain. Pinhead exhorts Amy to help him against Winter, since Pinhead is her only way out of her current mess. Can Amy find her way back to stability and reality in this metaphysical war?----Scores-----Cinematography: 9/10 Well shot in daylight and in the dim night scenes.Sound: 10/10 Strong and effective.Acting: 10/10 This is, hands down, the best performance I've ever seen from Kari Wuhrer. Simon Kunz, Paul Rhys, Marc Warren, Georgina Raylance, and Doug Bradley were all quite good.Screenplay: 7/10 A little weak on exposition, but not by much. On the whole, well-told.SFX: 8/10 Best in the series so far.

Adam R (ag) wrote: (First and only viewing - Late Summer 2005 in theaters)

Mattias E (de) wrote: Suzhou River is a love/hate affair between director Lou Ye and the city of Shanghai. While the city's grimy streets, seedy bars and dirty river might not exactly seem like exhibition material for Expo 2010, they form a perfect backdrop for Lou Ye's offbeat noir-pastische, with it's ready-made Godardian gangster types and femme fatales. The vibe is definitely more European than Chinese, partly due to the city's unique architectural character, but also inherent in the voice-over narration and the frantic use of jump cuts. The first person perspective is intelligently used, and gives the events an illusive, subjective feel to them, as if to point out that this is only one story among many about Shanghai.

Evan H (jp) wrote: It's a bit better than the first movie since the actors have more screen time. You can sit and enjoy yourself while watching the first movie as well as this movie. They both are entertaining!

Nyree A (de) wrote: 2 stars for a pretty Keanu!! Otherwise I found the movie boring, long and rather childish.

Marta K (kr) wrote: A cute version of dangerous liasons! Or rather, I don't think Forman would appreciate me using that adjective... let's say it only pertained to Colin Firth. The rest was... enchanting. Especially costumes.

Gabriel Z (nl) wrote: this sounds horrible, but the synopsis is so dry its hilarious

Ryan V (ru) wrote: This movie is an early 80s gem that rises above the other exploitation flicks of the era. In many ways, it's portrayal of urban decay and the collapse of inner city schools has proven highly prophetic. As far as the cast goes, we get solid performances from mostly obscure performers. And having an Alice Cooper song on the soundtrack does t hurt either.

Chance F (gb) wrote: Good film from Anthony Mann. Lee J. Cobb was excellent as the old man.