Descendants 2

Descendants 2

When the pressure to be royal becomes too much for Mal, she returns to the Isle of the Lost where her archenemy Uma, Ursula's daughter, has taken her spot as self-proclaimed queen.

When the pressure to be royally perfect gets to be too much for Mal, she returns to the Isle of the Lost. There she finds her archenemy Uma, the daughter of Ursula, teaming up with Harry, the son of Captain Hook, and Gil, the son of Gaston. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Descendants 2 torrent reviews

Jason Y (ca) wrote: Pretty good movie, kept me up to 3am watching it.

WS W (de) wrote: The (intentionally?) very consistent & lingering rawness as seen in every other Franco's production.

Jason T (fr) wrote: The Task isn't the worst entry to the Afterdark series, but you could do a lot better. It had atmosphere going for it and a very creepy deranged clown issuing some will testing challenges. Despite those factors the storyline just lacked.

Carlos D (mx) wrote: What could be worse than Mickey Rourke and Megan Fox making out in a movie?...well,I think Megan's acting takes the cake,definitely...In this movie,she's playing an Angel for some reason and Bill effin' Murray is playing some mafia dude...sad,really sad.wasted talent at its best (of course,I am only talking about Mickey and Bill...NOT megan,ok?)

Luciano G (au) wrote: The movie is well written and directed.. not violent, but very well paced, acted and directed, if nothing else, great fun for the entire family...

Bogdan Gabriel A (br) wrote: probably the worst movie i've seen so far

Ashley T (it) wrote: Typically Canadian and painfully slow, but nice performances from McIvor and newcomer Aaron Webber.

Mickaw90 (ag) wrote: Typical Seagal movie.

Eric N (mx) wrote: solid, strong production but tries too hard to be hollywood. ends up being an action-packed rip-off.

Dyron W (au) wrote: Another stab at Americans' feeble minded nature done with a satirical, gross-out, and hilariously offensive fashion thanks to Sacha Baron Cohen and Larry Charles.

Sally H (au) wrote: Incredibly moving film about a hearing child born to deaf parents. Well made. Loved it, absolutely loved it.

Robin D (ag) wrote: I didn't find this as funny as we are lead to believe, but the characters grown on you and you root for them to succeed in their endeavor. Pam Rabe's character is sweet.

Aj V (br) wrote: I loved Alan Rickman in this movie, he plays a different kind of character than he usually does, and if you're a fan of his you should see this movie just for him. The rest of the actors aren't as good, and the story isn't good either. Mostly, it's not a good movie.

Demonic D (jp) wrote: It was pretty good, had some decent one liners

Peter P (br) wrote: This was one of my favorite movies when I was growing up. It was funny, had great characters, was filmed in Toronto, and I totally wanted to be Mahonney growing up. Classic, a complete classic.

bill s (mx) wrote: A little over rated but then again so is Eddie.

Dion B (mx) wrote: Sillier than I expected, though Helen Hayes was fun

Artha B (es) wrote: wah... epic bgt ceritanya...

Ann G (ru) wrote: Love it (esp. the beginning)!

James Joseph L (es) wrote: This is one of those movies I can never tire of watching. Comedy at it's finest and with the added bonus of a few good songs as well it's hard to find better work by laurel and Hardy. Unlike many comedy movies of this era this one has a pretty good plot. Some of the comedy sequences are unforgettable like Stan being tickled by a beautiful blonde to the point of torture to hand over the deed to the gold mine. Ollie too has some great scenes like having watched Stan use his thumb as a lighter he tries the same trick only to panic when it eventually happens. As well as the usual slapstick and clever often hilarious lines such as; Ollie: What did he die of? Stan: He died of a Tuesday or was it a wednesday?" As wel as the comedy it's the great musical moments that elevate this beyond your normal L&H movie. Their rendition of The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia is classic and the dance sequence when they arrive outside the saloon will forever be a simply glorious cinema moment. Way out West remains one of the finest comedies ever and one to watch over and again and still laugh.