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Descenso torrent reviews

Luis C (es) wrote: I really enjoyed it, much better than the first installment ........ one more to go!

Jonathan P (ag) wrote: Sounds like quite the crappy plot.

Dawn D (de) wrote: I tried. I tried twice to watch it all the way through. No doing. Awful. Nothing redeemable about the movie at all.

Simon D (gb) wrote: Horrible, horrible film with no comedy value, a load of the most annoying people ever seen on film including Lauren Hill sporting her usual slapped arse face like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle. Lots of ridiculous scenes and unbearable singing.

Joe B (it) wrote: wrestling monkeys and tom waits

Jordan W (ag) wrote: Amazing film, does the Northern Soul scene proud - Jordan Wilson AKA 'Monkey'