Description of an Island

Description of an Island


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1979
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
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Description of an Island torrent reviews

Iain B (gb) wrote: Never watched the TV series... Joanna Lumley gets all the funny lines in this

Jason G (ca) wrote: A cheap knockoff of something. Not the worst Asylum effort ever, but the acting and writing are too poor for this to be so heavyhearted.

Varasorn K (es) wrote: This is a small, artistic film that unexpectedly won big at Thai film awards that's equal to Thai Oscars (not often it really awarded the best films, not to mention, the small, artistic ones, never before did they stand a chance of winning) Not really my kinds of films though, but it's easy to see that all the works are way above standard, very neat. Aditya Assarat had proved he's one of the masters of Thai short films. But how he managed to make the best out of his first full-length feature is a delightful wonder.

Dylan M (fr) wrote: Good action drama war movie.

Nonya B (ca) wrote: If I could give SIX stars I would! A must see if you are open minded into the world of an true artist, and David Bowie is absolutely hilarious with his deadpan delivery of Andy Warhol's crazy dialogue and kooky mannerisms. Plus it has Walken in it! I don't care what anyone else said I really liked this.

EWC o (fr) wrote: Hilarious and heartfelt in equal doses, with all types of humor presented well and clever in execution.

Jos M (gb) wrote: Una de las ltimas pelculas de Visconti que conserva su genialidad , pero esta vez sin ser grandilocuente como el resto de su obra realiza una pelicula ms intimista sobre la decadencia de la sociedad uno de sus tpico favoritos.

Sarah O (br) wrote: This is one my favorite Elvis movies. Not only does it have the iconic Jailhouse Rock staging, it also has a story. Elvis plays a jerk and uses everyone around him ini the pursuit of money. He will do anything for money and he does not care who he hurts in order to get it. Oh yeah, and he's a hothead who doesn't run away from a fight. Recipe for disaster and drama. The musical numbers actually break up some of the tension in this one, as opposed to simply showcasing Elvis' singing and dancing abilities, although that's never too hard to watch.

David W (mx) wrote: Obey the pit, or else...

Matthew T (nl) wrote: An amazing cast and a proven director is the only reason to see this film. It's dour and plodding and ends predictably enough.

Matthew L (it) wrote: An easy going western, supposedly based upon true events, where one tribe of Native American's are 'hired' to help defeat another, though its difficult to tell as there is no real context given to the film. We get some brief exposition that one tribe have been creating much difficulty for the 'American Cavalry' who then hire another that they had previously defeated to aid them in their fight. Some of the performances are very starched and the stereotyping is sadly very much in keeping with the period, the scenery looks good but then we expect that from a western, just wish they'd left some of the humour out of it.A gentle Sunday afternoon viewing, that will go down a treat with Granddad.