Deseo carnal

Deseo carnal

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:1978
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:female nudity,   sex,  

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Deseo carnal torrent reviews

Albfort G (gb) wrote: Basta kasama c Chin-Chin.. maganda!

D J (kr) wrote: I knew that this movie is going to only disappoint me when Guts asks Griffith "Does that mean you want me that way?". Yes. This movie has implications towards homosexuality. Not even the absence of Griffith's naked butt can wipe that away. The apple has really fallen far from its tree. Actually, it has fallen so far that from its rotten core a new appletree has grown. A little wonky, short and bearing only few fruits that aren't even that good, only mediocre. The character's animation is a freaking disgrace. The original series' strongpoints, characters' outlooks and their expressions, are both missing from the film. Let's take an example. In the original series, when Griffith smiles for Julius after getting slapped by the latter one is a very sinister and subtle scene. It is a moment when the character portrays humility on the outside, still looking more frightening and unpredictable than ever before. It tells the audience that Griffith is not threatened by this man because he has always been more superior than him - he was destined to be a king. And he will destroy any obstacle there may be lying in front of the throne. In the movie this very important scene is played like it didn't have any value at all. Griffith looks like a scumbag who couldn't take a hint and Julius shrugs him off like a tool Griffith looks like in the movie. What a letdown.Pacing is another thing that this movie lacks. A good example is the assassination attempt. After Griffith has regained his posture Casca asks him to remove his armor to see if there is any wounds from the arrow, Griffith acts like he has the attention span of 4-year old and he ignores Casca, turning his head to the side to find Julius looking at him horseback. These things happen so fast that the audience cannot really grasp what's happening. The movie has a lot of moments like this, due to the insane idea of ramming several episodes into one movie, makes me wonder if it really was worth it. To an old fan, watching this movie was like watching the series with triple speed. Giving some time for reactions, even in animation, is important.Because of this movie is clearly taking out all the bad aspects of the original series rather than following the old saying "if it's not broken, don't fix it", I really don't want to see the remaining two movies, especially since the original series' ending is something that an unskilled movie maker should never touch.One thing that is good is the locations and landscapes. Water flow looks fantastically realistic and the scene of Guts cutting a leaf with his sword is a nice detail. Movie looks kind of good, if the characters are counted out.In conclusion, The Egg Of The King is a weak attempt at film adaptation of a well-written, well-executed anime. It has some good aspects, but a lot of bad ones. If you consider yourself a fan of the anime series, do not watch this unless you want to cringe with disgust. And you who watched this movie but hasn't watched the original series, do so. It will give you much more depth about the characters and it looks better, even though it was made 15 years ago.On the positive side, I'm glad the original soundtrack (made by the great Susumu Hirasawa) wasn't featured.

Al H (ca) wrote: A tribute to the drive-in B Movies. The worst Best Anthology in the movies history.

Eileen S (us) wrote: Gripping themes that touch the lives of us all. Sensitive, true-to-life portrayal of lives in transition.

Victor R (de) wrote: Underrated but awesome.

Ben Z (nl) wrote: Awful ??comedy?? starring Sean Astin and Mathew Lillard as philosophical dishwashers. Don??t ask

Daniel V (ca) wrote: Almodvar maestro!!!

Tara H (fr) wrote: Slightly campy Euro drama, directed by Joseph Losey, but towering performances from Jeanne Moreau as 'femme fatale' Eva, and Stanley Baker as her hapless victim, make up for any deficiencies in the plot.

Stephen L (fr) wrote: You gotta love a movie that holds up.Not much needs to be said about Diner.Written and directed by Barry Levinson, nominated for Best Screenplay and set in Baltimore 1959. I'll try not to spoil anything, because if you like movies and haven't seen this gem, you must catch it soon. It's funny, poignant and has a spectacular cast.I can't get enough of Paul Reiser's character, Modell. Good Golly he's funny. Discussing the concept of evolution, Reiser speaks one of my favorite lines, "The guy who makes up this stuff it's the stupidest thing I've ever heard - people do not come from swamps. They come from Europe."This line comes from potentially the best post-movie credit sequence I've ever seen (or rather, heard). It's a philosophical comedic audio layover, a bonus diner conversation; an adequate apology for the abrupt freeze-frame ending.I love how Reiser's constantly hassling Steve Guttenberg's character for rides. They're all such close friends, Reiser manages to never actually ask for the lift, he always gets The Gute to offer.A young Mickey Rourke is almost unrecognizable in this film. And he delivers a spectacular performance.Daniel Stern's character is also great, now that I think about it. You know him from Home Alone. His character is such a well-meaning fella. When he argues with his wife over his records, you don't know who to root for, and it'll set your heart strings aquiver.It can get dusty at times.Stern also has a great moment with Guttenberg, when he explains that getting married doesn't necessarily make life any easier.Kevin Bacon's character is, as always, excellently executed. He is like a tightly wound spring, but worth much more than first appears.The minor character who memorizes the lines from "Sweet Smell of Success," cracks me up every time he interrupts a conversation.I'm not sure if women will enjoy this film as much as men. The themes seem very masculine; they reflect the subtleties of my interactions with my male friends. I'd be interested to hear if women feel like they really connect with certain aspects of the movie.One might say Diner is misogynistic.I say, "Feh!"One could argue that the pacing is slow at the beginning, but personally, I won't do so.The only criticism I can muster is about the moment of greatest tension, the pinnacle of the film's conflict. It gets resolved in such a quick fashion it might make your head tilt.Otherwise, this is a spectacular film. As always, don't expect too much, and you'll be oh-so-sweetly rewarded.