Desert Blue

Desert Blue

An academic obsessed with "roadside attractions" and his tv-star daughter finally discover the world's largest ice cream cone, the centerpiece for an old gold-rush town struggling to stay ...

An academic obsessed with "roadside attractions" and his tv-star daughter finally discover the world's largest ice cream cone, the centerpiece for an old gold-rush town struggling to stay ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jennifer T (au) wrote: Boring ass movie. I thought it was going to be good but it was horrible.

Lysann B (fr) wrote: The story is full of potential and it probably would have been a decent book. But as a film it disappoints even with the wonderful cast. C'est la vie.

Stephen G (ca) wrote: This movie was a big let down. From the trailer I expected a standard revenge flick but I could not find myself caring about any of the characters

Jonathon C (mx) wrote: Haha, the bloke that rated this before me gave it half a star. =ODActually very good, it was not at all what I expected it to be like. I've deliberately by-passed this film on the video hire shop shelf for months because it didn't interest me. But I was around at a friends place tonight and he had hired it out, and we watched it. It must have been fate.This is not at all an action film as you might suppose from the cover, but is a very tightly knit, dialogue and plot driven suspense-drama that focuses on a group of senior veteran soldiers returned from Afghanistan who are now back in to the routine of barracks life. Hence the film title, Garrison. The plot revolves around the unusual behaviour of Sergeant Nathan Cross, who has gone absent without leave, and two of his concerned comrades who are delegated the task of finding him by their platoon sergeant, before the Military Police are notified he is missing. Woven in to this film is a very frank and down to earth representation of military life in the ranks, which is done nearly perfectly. There are no bells, no whistles, but a strong sense of the squad/ section level ethos in the US Army style: the "don't rat on your mates" sense of camaraderie. What this gives us is a fly on the wall presentation of soldiers closing ranks around their comrades, and the impenetrable wall of silence that conceals an incident detrimental to the reputation of the man and the unit. So what is the film about? In short, domestic violence between a man and wife, the repercussions of an affair that is not what it appears to be, revenge, mental illness and a terrible single crime; but these aspects are very subtly packaged. It is almost entirely implied. The soldiers are oblivious to these things, and in a sense so are we, getting only small pieces of the puzzle as they do, as the story unravels. The storyline is also based on an actual event.The acting was actually quite good, because it appeared that we were watching real people, and I'm sure that ex-servicemen might recognize the sort of characters that are represented as reasonably authentic. The level of testosterone and ego among the soldiers is not overdone, and not underdone, but is quite balanced and human. (I might just add that there is a five minute scene in a strip club that is actually relevant to the plot, which may require the averting of modest eyes- but as I said, this is a frank and fair representation of soldier life for the most part).Compassionately and intelligently told. I appreciated it. It was done on a shoestring budget, but so what. It gets you thinking. Well done.

intuciic (kr) wrote: boooooooooooooooring

Erin W (nl) wrote: Had to watch this for a grade 7 English class. Enjoyable.

Brian S (ru) wrote: I recommend this obscenely sappy movie to 44-year old Christian moms.

David L (mx) wrote: Mean Girls is such an entertaining teen comedy that transcends its familiar and predictable storyline and sometimes over-the-top approach with genuinely strong humor, excellent performances from Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams in particular and mostly realistic characters of whom almost all had their moment to shine.

Noelephant I (nl) wrote: The filmmakers' seemingly-unconscious homophobia is especially toxic, precisely because it is so built-in and unremarked upon. Proof positive that Daniel Craig is a dull, unimaginative, imprecise actor whose success has always baffled me. Between this and The Comfort Of Strangers, Ian McEwan--like Harold Pinter--has some big and ugly issues with (repressed or overt) male homosexuality; again, it's always a foregone conclusion that it is inherently perverse, inhuman and evil. Dunderheaded and despicable.

Gary P (ag) wrote: Illustrating is not dramatizing. Pompous and dull.

Will T (kr) wrote: Anythin with stone and Parker in I wanna see

Caitlin L (mx) wrote: Even better than the original.

J (ca) wrote: Bicentennial Man is a 1999 science fiction drama film directed by Chris Columbus, written by Nicholas Kazan, produced by Columbus and Wolfgang Petersen, and starring Robin Williams, Embeth Davidtz, Sam Neill, Bradley Whitford, Oliver Platt, Wendy Crewson, Stephen Root, John Michael Higgins, Hallie Kate Eisenberg, and Kiersten Warren. The film is based on the short story The Bicentennial Man by Isaac Asimov and the novel The Positronic Man by Asimov and Robert Silverberg.If a robot spends enough time around humans, can he learn to become one of them? The Martin family purchases a domestic android as a servant and names him Andrew (Robin Williams). Andrew comes to know the man of the house as Sir (Sam Neill), his wife as Ma'am (Wendy Crewson), and their daughter as Little Miss (Embeth Davidtz). Before long, the Martins suspect that they don't have an ordinary robot on their hands.Andrew seems capable of expressing emotion and generating original thoughts, and the longer he stays with the Martins, the more strongly these human traits manifest themselves. Over the next two centuries, Andrew becomes less a machine and more a member of the family, even falling in love with Little Miss' granddaughter Portia (Davidtz), until mechanic Rupert Burns (Oliver Platt) tells Andrew that he might be able to turn him into a human being.After first reviewing the overrated Dead Poets Society, I decided to review the underrated Bicentennial Man, in memory of Williams' recent passing. Yes, I'm aware that many people didn't like this movie. Yes, I'm aware that the film was a bomb at the box office. Yes, I'm aware that people criticized this movie for being too sentimental. This film is very sentimental, but what makes the film so good isn't just the emotions of the characters but also the ideas about humanity and how we, as a race, perceive it.Robin Williams gives one of his best performances as our unlikely hero Andrew and other performances from talented actors like Sam Neill, Oliver Platt, and especially the gorgeous Embeth Davidtz are also great. Williams plays the character of Andrew to absolute perfection and the dialogue, written by Nicholas Kazan of Matilda fame, is delivered extraordinary well by Williams.Chris Columbus does a great job directing the film. The man is a good director, giving us greats like Mrs. Doubtfire, Adventures in Babysitting, Harry Potter, and Home Alone among others. Columbus' direction is great and his vision of the film is wondrous, with Phil Meheux's cinematography perfectly complementing them. The visuals and set designs look fantastic and the film is also beautifully paced.The humor and the drama are balanced perfectly, with neither overshadowing the other. The story about life and the human condition is very engaging. The character of Andrew is incredibly likeable and endearing. The score by James Horner is one of his best scores, right up there with Casper, Avatar, The Amazing Spider-Man, Aliens, Commando, A Beautiful Mind, and Wrath of Khan.FINAL SCORE: 8/10Bicentennial Man is not only a great Robin Williams movie, but an even better sci-fi film. It's very touching, heartwarming, and makes for a really good character drama. Featuring one of Williams' best performances, gorgeous scenery, a beautiful score, and a well-written screenplay, Bicentennial Man is a highly underrated, underappreciated, and overlooked sci-fi gem. Oh, and the ending is now very tough to watch due to Williams' passing.

Riff J (nl) wrote: Not sure what the complaints rej this movie are about - it's got a lot of suspense, even some good scares too. There are a couple particular chilling scenes that almost give this movie a horror vibe... they literally made the hairs on my arms stand at attention.Sir Ian McKellen, simply, in a word, rules. He makes any movie better. Whether he's playing Magneto or an ex-Nazi soldier, his performances are authentic and genuine, which is obviously a requirement for the movie to have it's desired impact. I don't know how much this movie will make you think, if you're looking or an intellectual mystery, but it's got suspense and thrills, so if that's your thing, giddy up. The story of a boy's attraction to evil and the horrors of a generation past, serve as the theme for this film. But things aren't always as they appear, and the illusion of power and control quickly dissipates. What once started as a character study of an interesting figure quickly becomes a Pandora's Box, where you realize you have to be careful re what you ask for.

Dale K (gb) wrote: Sit back and relax and you will love judgemental and fussy and you will love it but pretend to hate it.

ZHANG X (us) wrote: really nice it was made the same year with my birth year

Harry G (de) wrote: Gritty, strange and over all brilliant.

Andrea T (jp) wrote: I was stage manager on the play. Funny as all get out.

Mitchell M (gb) wrote: David Tennant accomplishes what very few actors have ever done by giving us a brand new take on the Prince of Denmark. Sir Patrick Stewart is a chillingly gregarious King in this top flight production.

David S (es) wrote: Not as good as the first John Carpenter film, but a solid sequel to it. I didn't like how they made the theme song all techno like. To me it's one of those songs you leave alone. It really took away the creepiness of it. Other than that I couldn't say much bad about it. Its a pretty darn good movie