Desert Heat

Desert Heat

In the spring, the full moon shines for the warrior who has lost his way. Coyote is the spirit that leads back to life. If he follows the coyote when the moon is full, the warrior will see the path once more...

In the spring, the full moon shines for the warrior who has lost his way. Coyote is the spirit that leads back to life. If he follows the coyote when the moon is full, the warrior will see the path once more... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vineet H (ru) wrote: Watching this movie reminds me that Bollywood still remains immature at it's core. Bollywood cannot resist the temptation of showing every white man to be heartless and without principles. We Indians are the only race who have a heart if you go by Bollywood. For some reason every government position in London is held by Indians - by it social services worker, bosses at places they work or interview at or even the judge. When they have to include white people in scene apparently they either know Hindi or don't mind sitting like fools while everything goes on in Hindi. For some reason the fact that they were escorts is not the main issue for a court of law but that he is a good parent. And if that was not enough, almost every client they have is interested in talking to them and not what escorts are typically paid for. Screenplay notwithstanding I hoped (like a fool) to see some good performances but even veteran actors like Sanjay Dutt are being just ridiculous, you wonder if they are working in a school play or something !

Wahida K (nl) wrote: Boy was I surprised. Not a typicall Bollywood Movie. A 64 years old Londons Best Cooks suddenly fall in love in with a 34. That was really interesting. No songs no Bollywood Kitchy infact I enjoyed it although 64 with a 34 years? Anyhow it is recommendable to Big B Fan. What I liked this Movie was the little girl who seemed to command the old man. That was really funny. She was sort of a "heart" of the Movie as well. The Movie didnt actually focus on a Love Story it showed the circumstances from every ahmm "Main Characters" of the Movie who were involved. Paresh Rawal vs Big B. Wow that was really interesting. Anyhow I think Tabu was a great pick although I must say she is NOT 34 she must be in her mid 40`s. The made a cute couple.

Jim T (ag) wrote: The one where not a lot happens. The above description is perfect. This is titled as part one of two and it feels like it too, slow and and boring but it knew it would be saved by part 2.

Jimmi S (us) wrote: 7 minutes and you can see this sucks. :P

Scott W (gb) wrote: I love tense movies like this and Chris Cooper gives a terrific performance.

Gloria S (es) wrote: Even if the characters were separated and distant from the viewer, we still felt compelled to help them and to know them. Khlebnikov and Popogrebsky used long, wide shots to show this growing distance, even between the characters. Little to no background music was used, giving the film a feeling of reality--cold, harsh reality. The boy looks out of the attic window in one scene, the light and framing working in harmony to produce an utterly beautiful shot. The contrast between the warm golden candle-lit attic and the dreary nighttime scenery outside mirrors the contrast between the boy's desire to go to Koktebel and the responsibility he feels towards staying with his alcoholic father. The boy's maturity is strange, but reasonable as we find out what his childhood was like.In the attic scene, we view the boy from behind. Then, the camera angle switches to below, looking up into the attic. The silhouette of the son is once again symmetrically framed. We cut back to the behind-shot of the boy, and once again the warm glow surrounds us. Then the camera switches again, back to the below-looking-up shot, and the coldness of the night replaces the glow. The back-and-forth switches signifies the inner turmoil felt by the boy.Finally, the boy leaves. He runs off, leaving his father with the final words "All you do here is fuck each other." In response, the father calls his son an idiot, showing the man's immaturity and ignorance.Getting a ride from a friendly truck-driver [about whom I had my doubts], the boy reaches Koktebel, which is now called a different name. He stands at the top of a hill, at the glider monument. His father had earlier told him that at this spot, a piece of paper would fly far away if you let it go. The boy tries this, and fails. Fail a second time, then a third. His continual failure, and the accompanying apathy, causes the viewer to cringe in sympathy and worry. The paper won't fly. Then, the fourth time: it flies. It glides out of the frame, and the boy runs after it. The camera lingers, then blacks out into the next shot.Superb camerawork and timing by the directors, plus the very believable humanity of the actors, make this film a sad but glorious work.

Siddikha N (ag) wrote: nice..shows that past will always come back to haunt u!

Brian B (fr) wrote: I thought the opening scene of this one was among the most brilliant I've ever seen, so some let down was probably inevitable, though the the rest of it was enjoyable enough..... I like Raft's mama, especially.

Steve S (us) wrote: Unexciting and painfully cheesy disaster thriller. Typical Hollywood drivel.

Matt G (us) wrote: I wish we could send this movie to mars. Kitsch has the magnetism of a store front mannequin. The dialogue is expository and bland. It's handling of time and space is scatterbrained. The plot is convoluted. The world-building is mind-numbing nonsense. The entire thing is all sound and fury signifying nothing...I do, however, want one of those giant pig-dogs.