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Desesperato torrent reviews

Alexandra W (gb) wrote: Pretty disjointed and grosser than I had expected. Grace stayed awake just long enough to recognize the secretary as Evian from Superstar. That was one of the highlights.

Eric C (mx) wrote: You know those movies that are so bad, they are good? The campy flicks, the one's where you know they had 50 bucks an a camera and tried to go super cheap on. This one takes is just that. In 2009 they certainly could have gone for more, instead we even have some of those scenes where the film goes "off real" and the viewer is informed that "the reel is missing." Hiding behind the false pretense that it's a "Grindhouse" movie, Blood Moon Rising has some of the worst acting, terrible zombie shuffle and a plot involving vampires, werewolves, satan, a comic book reading hero who takes shots of chocolate milk, and a busty "my great great grandma's Satan's daughter" heroine. The rag tag crew and terrible computer animation ( I swear they use stuff from some video game back in 1990.) wraps it all up into a if you want to watch something this bad, this D-LIST, then this would be the movie for you. Though for most everyone they should stay away. I have seen YouTube videos that 6 year olds have edited using iMovie which flow better than this movie does. Though watching a stereotyped jamaican man fall into the pits of health while smoking a huge joint was just a clear reminder to how "bad" a movie can be.

Sean K (es) wrote: Very forgettable film.

Kristal C (fr) wrote: This is a cute movie about having faith in something beautiful. The performances were all great but the story was a bit uneven.

Blake G (ca) wrote: Not as grand-standing and memorable as "Sunset," but a key Pryor performance nonetheless. If only he did in '83, and not Superman III too...

Elise P (jp) wrote: From the director of A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) comes this comic book adaptation which is neither cheesily fun, nor an effective science fiction drama. Performances are over the top, yet not overly funny despite the cast including competent 80s actor Adrienne Barbeau (Escape from New York, The Fog). The film kind of drags on especially the action sequences which basically involve a lot of running through the swamp and Alice Cable's (Adrienne Barbeau) character isn't particularly intelligent in her attempts to escape. Overall this film is bad, but not bad enough to be a "good-bad" 80s scifi film and is a basic "Beauty and the beast" style narrative where the monster saves the girl.

Rob S (br) wrote: Margaret Lockwood and Rex Harrison breathe life into their scenes, but even they can't make the first half terribly exciting. As it catches speed it's quite beautiful, but Carol Reed still just misses that build into energy/suspense that Hitch was so fabulous at.

Maya S (es) wrote: This is an interesting take on bourgoise culture in Paris through the eyes of Boudu a tramp. It is actually a hilarious film and filled with beautiful shots of some of the most gorgeous parts of Paris. One of my favorite Renoir's of all time.

Matthew C (es) wrote: Zhang Ziyi's incredible performance and the amazing production values are almost enough to make you forget about the disappointingly simplistic plot and occasionally iffy performances. Read the book instead.