Desi Kattey

Desi Kattey

Desi Kattey is the story of two orphans who grow up in a remote village, making country guns to earn their livelihood. The film traces their journey, as they go on to become national level shooters.Desi Kattey is based in a small village of the Kanpur District of Uttar Pradesh, Mungera, which is famous for its geographical location i.e. at the shore of Holy river Ganga and manufacturing cum production of the country made guns, this story is about two young kids Pali and Gyani. Pali and Gyani alike other orphan kids with no support system work as a labor in one of such country made gun manufacturing factory for their survival.

A sharpshooting thug becomes a competitive shooter while his childhood friend remains in the life of crime. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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