Desierto adentro

Desierto adentro

To redeem himself from a great sin, a man dedicates himself to building a church.

To redeem himself from a great sin, a man dedicates himself to building a church. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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sitenoise (es) wrote: I didn't believe any of the actors made contact with the feelings the characters were supposed to be feeling because everything comes off as an impression, rather than being anything of substance. I don't believe the director had a story to tell, as much as simply having a desire to make a film in this style. The hand-held camera-work didn't bother me, but the framing and composition of shots did. They seemed forced and almost precious, and the actors merely vogued their way through scenes. The story is uninspired. Three young drifters meet a single mom who is still mourning the death of her only son, and they all have an angst competition. That ought to be indie grill. But it's not in this case. It's just shots of people pensively staring off into space, and scenes of people pensively walking around aimlessly while the fog rolls by and the music meanders. Indie film school 101. It was very hard to finish this film because I didn't care about any of the characters. Caring about characters may not be necessary, although the director clearly hoped for it, so I'm going to make up a word to describe my experience and to differentiate it from simply not caring. I discared for the characters.

Mirel T (ag) wrote: There's a good camp in it but it's limited by its inferiority.

Fergus C (au) wrote: A grim, but enjoyable film. A few recognisable British actors among the young cast however the voice acting in particular sounds forced and eccentric compared to the real world. Many of the characters including the main protagonists are unlikable. The film isn't too graphic in visuals but is in the themes it contains. The story is interesting to watch and once the film gets into motion it seems less clunky between scenes. Wouldn't watch it more than once.

Lee M (us) wrote: Cam Archer is a 24-year-old with a future. At least that's the impression given by his first feature, Wild Tigers I Have Known, which he wrote and directed. Unfortunately, the talent on display here is oft times ill-used, and that makes the film a frustrating experience.

Raymond B (jp) wrote: I liked the movie, but the ending was sad (saga continues in "The Trojan Horse")

Jacob T (gb) wrote: Red dragon is very scary. And this Red dragon prequel is very disappointing. Man hunter is very scary. Do not see this movie it is carp.

Jeans P (es) wrote: It pounds you over the head with sentimentality over the motherland, usually this is a recipe for disaster, but it leaves a bond that can never be severed, even the excess of singing and gaiety comes to win you over

Matt B (ru) wrote: Not nearly as good as the first two as it lacks charisma but still pretty entertaining. Missing alot of elements and is less intense with a dense predicable storyline. Still nonetheless it's not a complete failure but it was truly over shadowed by the first two missing that shock value along with a less than amusing finale. Only hardcore Alien fans can appreciate this installment while others may not be as warm and forgiving like myself.

Rodney E (ag) wrote: For whatever reason I have an admiration and can be moved by inspirational movies. Lean on Me succeeds with the acting og Morgan Freeman and Robert Guillaume. There are some weak musical choices, which isn't Welcome to the Jungle, but the tough talking authority figure that reaches the students for a positive effect works.

Karsh D (it) wrote: Desperately poor film about freak tornadoes that bombards Boston with large rocks.

Dennis W (fr) wrote: A well done little horror film by some New Zealanders that are not Peter Jackson. Pretty bloody.